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    Question Are the Minitor 3's discontinued?

    Just got an interesting call from my two-way dealer. According to him, Motorola is getting out of the paging business alltogether and has also sold the radius line of radios. Anybody else have substanciated status of motorola's business plans? Not that im sad to see the min3 go........

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    havent heard of them going out of the paging buisness, all I know is the min 3's definatly suck. I had a min 2 prior to the minitor 3 I have now and I wish I had it back. If you even breath on a minitor 3 wrong it will break, I'm on my second one in 3 months, where i used a minitor 2 for 5 years with no problems.

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    Check into the minitor 3's with a newer manufacture date. They seem to be much improved. Starting to approach the Min. II that I was confident with for the years leading up to my forced switch over to the 3.

    Unknown if this is exactly true or not, but the story I got was that there were some known bugs with the original Min. 3's and they were going to be discontinued but instead the internal workings of the design were revamped and have led to a decent product.

    Just word of mouth on the reasoning part of my post, may all be rumors but I wanted to share it. My 'new' 3 works well to date!?

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    i never heard anything like they were going out of business for pagers. why would they it's a huge industry for them. but anyway...i've had a minitor III for two years now and the first one i had, had some problems and it ended up being the "bad batch" of them that first came out.

    are the III's such a problem for everyone??? i personally like them because you are able to program more tone alert's and options into them. i know that if you have one of the first ones that are "bad" inside motorola was having a thing where you could trade it in for a brand new one that was reworked and haven't had problems with. i don't think this program is going on anymore so if you waited to long i guess you SOL.

    just my two cents..

    Robert A. Klinger, Jr.
    Junior FireFighter
    stay safe!!!

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    Can't beat the Minotor II's. They receive better than the III's because they are analog not digital. Sure that makes them harder to change frequencies in and you can only page out on one frequency. But where we live (our whole district is in a deep canyon) they receive much better. We are changing over to Sceptors (sp?) because they have a small external antenna and are suposed to receive better than the III's. I am going to keep my II as long as I can. If you have any you want to sell let me know!


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    If you had problems with your 3s check this web location...

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    I too expect Motorola to get out of the voice paging business. It is a very small portion of the overall paging business and there are few users of voice paging other than the fire service. The profit in this market does not justify the costs of staying in the market.

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