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    Question Favorite P.G. paid man

    Who is your favorite P.G. County Paid Man? I'll start off by voting for Dicky Dunlap....He was a fine man to work with and retired years ago from a back injury. Vote for your favorite paid guy....And please keep it nice fellas....Jake

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    David Polikoff
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    My vote goes to Kurt Edmonston. He retired a Capt. When he was assigned to sta. 31 he would make the guys drill and know their first due area. And the other careers guys assigned to 31 hated him, because he forced them to know their job. He would not let the volunteers slack, if you were in the station you were in the drill as well. He had no time for people who could not do their job. he was a good firefighter as well.

    David Polikoff www.workingfire.net

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    Tommy Daly as BC1 - had the attitude,"... get the job done, don't get hurt, 'cause I donít want to do no paper work..."

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    Philip C
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    Thumbs up

    I have only been associated with the PGFD for 2 1/2 years, but my vote would go to Technician Bill Bresnahan at my station. He takes care of our equipment, handles turn-in and pickup of out of service vehicles and other items(most of which we volunteers break ), is an outstanding driver/operator and is an all around good guy. He now has two ERTs to pass knowledge on to and mentor and I know they will be the better for it. Take care and be safe.

    Phil Clinard
    Laurel VFD
    Prince George's Co Sta 10
    Laurel, MD

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    I vote for, and its a tie, Darryl Odom and Larry Joy, for the many years of entertainment that they have provided us free of charge.

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    i think kevin clements is my favorite. he plays cards with us and drives us down the road on our short bus. we have lots of fun, next week, he said he would take us to the zoo. i cant wait.

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    Has to be Bill Gall. When he was L1619 president, he was responsible for the four platoon system. While some of his other antics didn't endear him to his colleagues, that was a HUGE contribution.

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    Just a reminder that if this forum slanders anyone, even jokingly, it will have to be taken down.


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    Ah yes, Prince George's County, how sad. Once upon a time, they were considered one of the best fire departments in the country, and probably the best combination department anywhere. Look at them now, a shadow of what used to be. First there was that name change, "PG Fire/EMS Department" (translation: an ambulance service that sometimes goes to fires). Rigs that say "Keepin' it safe", whatever that means aside from poor grammar...talk about dumbing down. Maybe someone can tell me this, what is an Emergency Response Technician anyway? They don't give their firefighters the courtesy of being called Firefighter? And now, a few crybabies win them the prestigious trophy for longest whine and gripe session in the history of the internet.
    But I digress, sorry. My vote for favorite paid man is a two-way tie. Bill Clark, formerly PGFD Director of Fire Protection, a retired FDNY Battalion Chief, author and guru of firefighting strategy and tactics. He knew the FD's real mission, firefighting, and appreciated firemen and the work they did. I guess they'd call him "old school" nowadays. Then there was Chief Steve Edwards, smart, came up through the ranks, not a politician. Worked in the busy houses, and stood up for his people. When a certain volunteer company wanted to dictate which career firemen worked in their firehouse, he put a whole new station in service in their first due. A true firefighter, he worked his last day as Chief riding fire trucks and caught a first due job.

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    Red face

    My favorite paidman has to be B/C Thorp, He is the only B/C that has spent the tax payers money by the sweet little sounds of BEEP BEEP Transfer, for no reason what so ever lets transfer this paidman from here send him to there bring another one here have all kinds of overtime spend spend spend. Damn you go to work at your station one day go on leave the next, when you come back you here Beep Beep. So I just want to thank you very much Thorp. for spending my money so well.Gee what could be sweeter then to hear BEEP BEEP TRANSFER B/C THORP TO RS13??

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