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    Post denied time off because it creates overtime

    I need help with a problem that has come about in our dept. We are a small dept with 3 fulltime per shift. Our Chief has a policy that only one person can be off per shift.The only way you can take off if someone else is off is to use sick time. By doing this you lose your sick bonus. You can not use a vacation day or personal time. His main reason is that it causes overtime. I need to know if any one else has had this problem, or if anyone has challenged a policy like this and the end result.Any other input would be helpful also.

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    Have you tried to do a work for? I guess as tough as it seems I really can't fault the chief for trying to control his OT. This is especially difficult in a smaller dept. There has to be a line somewhere and we don't always like where its drawn. If he were to change the policy then I could see some real problems come special times when every one wants to take vacation. However if you are talking about a special circumstance then perhaps the chief should take this in to account. Good luck!

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    Unless its a very special circumstance, only one off a shift here too. We try to work a swap first before using OT.

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    Are you guys IAFF?? (or any other union for that matter) Why not go I & I bargaining and if that doesnt work, arbitration??

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    I know the feeling, but with only three per shift, you can't expect the Chief to hire OT whenever you want. Imagine had quickly everyone would start doing this. Then you'd be working the OT slot all the time, pretty soon people would be sick of it. Why not use swaps? We run 5 per shift, two out on leave max. Hire OT for third man if the leave is for school, sick day, bereavement or extenating circumstance. As one of the two officers on shift, if the other is out I'm stuck, as we must have one officer at all times.

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