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    Our department just purchased a pumper equipped with an around the pump class-A & B foam system. We have used it on several structure fires now and everyone including the older guys like it alot. My question is, would going to CAFS make that much more of a difference? I understand the cost is much more but does the benefit gained make it worth the money spent. I do understand how CAFS works but have never seen it used to make any kind of opinion on my own. Any info would be appreciated, thanks.

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    in Bernardsville we use a foam pro proportioner with preconnected two 1 3/4 150 gpm @ 75 psi-np and 2 1/2 preconnect off rear low pressure automatic with stub tip on the bale. this works well here, however, our first choice was the CAF system because the knock downs are 10 to 1 better than water alone. we are in a rural/surburban area and some driveways may even be a quarter mile long. the Class A foam helps on an initial knockdown trememdously. some hose lays maybe as long as 3000 feet. someday our new attack piece will have a CAF system and greatly improve our system. Brookside Fire is our neighbor and has that system in place. You can't believe the amount of knockdown with this unit.

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    We have Class A on our current first out engine, and a Darley Snuffer CAFS unit on our service...and when we replace the engine in another 15 years or so, we'll put CAFS on it.

    The CAFS lines are very lightweight, overcome most of the friction loss, great for protecting exposures, forestry work, overhaul, and special tactics -- such as using a bayonet nozzle to fill voids in a balloon frame with shaving-cream consistency CAFS.

    The only drawback I've heard about CAFS on interior work is the lines can be more prone to kinking.

    I'm not sure in most structural situation with moderately good water supply you'd see a big improvement -- you probably got most of it going to Class A. But for activities like overhauling it shines, for exposure protection it's much better, and when you're pushed to the wall on water supply it can help stretch it more.

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