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Thread: Dale Earnhardt

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    Jake295885 Guest

    Post Dale Earnhardt


    Today we lost the person that I could best relate to in this crazy world of ours. I've been a paid fireman since 1982 and a NASCAR fan since 1983 and Dale Earnhardt always seemed like the kind of guy I'd want next to me, pushing the line down the hallway with. All guts and no sympathy for excuses.

    Some say in this business of ours we are adrenilan junkies, that may be true, but if not for race cars, I could see Dale running the line with the best of us.

    Where do we go from here? I know I will continue to live my life "Balls out" and to do my best at every job i attend. The next room and contents I knock down will be for Dale. He might have worked in a different industry, but he was cut from the same cloth firemen are made from..............Jake

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    smounger Guest


    My heart is heavy.
    I'm not really a big nascar fan, but, like you I've always admired Earnhardt.

    It seems that the best are always called home early (before their time).

    To quote Billy Joel... Only the Good Die Young.

    Our prayers are with his family.


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    lumpy649 Guest


    Missed the race, but saw the crash on the news... don't know what to say, gonna miss the "Intimidator"... May God watch over his friends, family, and fellow racers, and us all.

    I know this may sound tacky, but at least he got to leave us doing what he enjoyed. I should be so lucky...

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    ENGINE18-3 Guest


    I too am saddened today because Dale was, no IS my favorite NASCAR driver he ,like Jake said, was a guy that I could relate too. He was a guy who is like most of the Firemen I know, he was a guy who was a joker always joking around but when it came down to doing his job he became the opposite and concentrated on one thing- getting the job done and doing it right and professionally.
    No.3 will be missed not only by me but by many, many others.

    The statements above are my own opinions

    FF Greg Grudzinski
    Oaklyn Fire Dept.
    Station 18-3

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    Jhicks45215 Guest


    When I heard that Dale Earnhardt had pasted away, my jaw literally droped. Like someone said on another reply. "I am not a big Nascar fan but I admired Dale's Courage. I almost cried, because It's like God will take u when u least expect it. Just before the race he was hugging and kissing his son and wife. I pray to god that his family is ok.

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    Catch Guest


    Add another huge Dale Earnhardt fan to the rest. You have to respect a man that did for the sport what he did. I can also relate to what others of you say relating him to a firefighter. Aggressive, taking chances, yet learning something new each time out to use the next time out. I watched the race and wondered exactly how bad things were when I noticed EMS running emergency from the track. He's definitely someone who should be looked up to and admire. I only hope when I go it's doing something I love.

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    Texasff62 Guest


    I am at a loss, When I was notifed I almost cried, at least I wanted to. Dale was not my favorite driver to say the least, mostly because he was soo good. Needless I often found myself rooting for him, and now his son. So now as I sit here in disbelief I wonder how the nascar world can replace the greatest driver of all time. I feel like I just have lost a fellow firefighter. I only hope that God knows what kind of man he has coming to his victory lane

    Kevin Wiseman
    Oklahoma State University School Of Fire Protection
    Ponderosa FD, Houston Texas

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    comwhite Guest


    Whether you were an Earnhardt fan, or not, you had to respect the man. You knew he was the best, you knew he was the one to beat, and you knew he would always be near the front.

    My sixteen year old son is a Mark Martin fan, Rousch racing really, so Earnhardt was the "enemy", until today. He attended his first Daytona 500, and called me on the way home after the news broke. He was in disbelief, very somber, and a true NASCAR fan.

    No matter who you wanted to see win, you wanted all of them to finish. The Intimidator will be missed among all NASCAR fans.

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    FitzBFDT2 Guest


    NASCAR truly lossed a living legend of the sport today. I am deeply saddened by this loss and wish his family the best in their time of sadness.

    Rest in Peace

    Kevin M. Fitzhenry,
    Firefighter, Truck Co. 2
    City of Bayonne (NJ) FD

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    haliganbr Guest


    Man i just can't believe it!, sad but true. I wasn't the biggest dale fan, but sure did admire him because he had a set, and wasn't afraid to show it. I bet right now he's sitting around with Neil, Davey, and Alan talking about the old times. Will nascar be the same?. Rest in peace Dale

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    daysleeper47 Guest


    There is always one guy you think could never pass, and for me and Nascar, that man was Dale Earnhart. He seemed like the kind of guy you sit down and talk man to man with, open up a beer and have a good time, but don't cross him, because he IS the Intimidator. I must admit, I am not the biggest Dale Earnhart fan, or even Nascar for that matter, but i was always in his corner. But take to heart gentlemen, he died doing something he loved and there has to be something in that. Next time you go to work, before you go, hug your wife, your kids, and your dog, becuase you might be on the last turn of that last lap, and fate might be there to meet you. God Bless the Dale Earnharts of the world. They make life fun.

    "When the bell goes ding-ding, its time to get on the woo-woo."
    "Dusting desire - starting to learn. Walking through fire with out a burn..."
    Youngstown Fire Department

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    DixieFire53 Guest


    I am a big NASCAR fan and # 28 fan. The loss of D.E. saddens me greatly..........
    My pryers goes out to his family and friends.

    Lt. E-12 FF/EMT-P
    Local 3318

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    Antipyro77 Guest


    When i heard of his passing tonight, i thought my friends were joking. I could barely speak when i found out it was true. I'm a Gordan fan, but have always enjoyed watching him race. He definately was one of the best NASCAR has had or ever will have. And he will definately be missed.

    However, there is one thing that is really beginning to irratate me. Why do the news networks feel the need to show the replay 4-5 times in a row? Its even on How sick has our country become?

    #3 R.I.P.

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    Wally57fire Guest


    I saw the race saw the wreck and i then went to the firehouse for our sunday night bingo, about 8:15 turned on the old boob tube and saw the sad news and me and a bunch of guys just sat there watchin and i know myself i couldnt beleve it.

    God bless The #3 When he takes the checkers on the big track in the sky!!!

    #3 #45 #7 #28 #42 #51

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    BayRidge60 Guest


    I am not a NASCAR fan, never have been, never will be. Tonight I am saddened for Dale's family, his friends, and his fans. Even though I'm not a racing fan, I did respect Dale for his courage and his tenacity. May "The Intimidator" rest in peace...

    Glenn Ralston
    Bay Ridge Fire-Rescue

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    TowerLadders Forever Guest


    Me I feel like I lost a friend today, feel like I got kicked in the stomach. I couldn't believe it when I heard the news, like others have said he was a guy who would've been a great firefighter. He will be sadly missed, my heart goes out to his family we are all with you. Dale you were the best we will never forget you.

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    dousaems Guest


    We see this day in and day out, on our own streets, but when someone you really respect and admire is claimed, well.....
    As a NASCAR fan, I always went with the Ford guys. But then there was Dale. Old Ironhead. He epitomized something I really believe - do something you love, and do it not well, but great. I have the ultimate respect for the man, although he may have done things in a strongarm fashion. But he was the best of his time, which was too short. And he gives the rest of us a little bit more incentive to do what we do as best we can, because we love it.
    My wife, not a big NASCAR fan was totally speechless. I wanted to cry. This is a huge loss, not just for NASCAR and its fans, but for all of us.
    Maybe they will retire the #3, maybe Junior can attempt to fill his shoes. Regardless, may Dale rest in peace, and may his family feel the support of all of us in this time of tragedy.

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    hagerff/emti Guest


    I cannot believe that Dale is gone. What a man, to do what you love and then expire doing it. What do you think that crews felt while cutting him out of his car all along knowing that he didnt have a pluse. He was only half a mile from the checker line. Did you see the rest of the accidents that day. This one didnt appear to be that serious but then....I cannot even begin to say it.

    My prayers to Dales Family.

    R.I.P. #3

    D. Hager
    West Trail Amb. Svc
    Mayville FD


    We will eat smoke and pull out bodies as long as they continue to build them. Just once I would like them to ask one of us how to build it!!

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    ArmyTruckCompany Guest


    I hate NASCAR...I despise it!! I think it is truly one of the most positively BORING things that exist on the face of the planet earth!! I find nothing more excruciating than watching a bunch of schmucks making left hand turns for 500 miles.....BUT....

    I do know this....Dale was THE MAN.....The BEST at doing what he did. And for that, he has my respect. My condolences to his entire family as well as his fans.

    "Loyalty above all else, except honor."

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    biohazard Guest


    The world has lost a great driver. It will not be the same, w/o that open faced helmet and dark goggles at the races. My thoughts and prayers go to Dale's family during their time of loss.

    Rest In Peace-Intimidator.

    Jeremy Goad

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    Firedragon41 Guest


    Can it be true? I keep saying it's a bad dream But I have to realize it is not. The most feared and popular driver is gone. I am still in shock. I keep wanting to wake up from this but I am already awake. I was not a true fan of his but, I respected him for what he knew about racing and for what he showed on the track and off was respect. He will always be a winner in my book. My condolences go out to the Earnhardt family and the Waltrip family my prayers are with you all.

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    ceno2749 Guest


    While I am not a real big NASCAR fan, I do watch the races once in a while and when I did watch, usually #3 was one of the ones I rooted for. I am speechless and I am in shock. Like was said previously, who can forget the open helmet,dark glasses and the trademark mustache, raising hell on the track!
    You will be dearly missed. You have done so much for NASCAR. Rest in Peace #3!!!

    My condolences go out to the Earnhardt family & Earnhardt Racing.

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    Davidjb Guest


    As a Bill Elliot fan for many years, Dale was always "the enemy", but you couldn't help but admire his skill and dedication to the sport, moves like his famous "pass in the grass" around Elliot helped him to earn the nickname "the Intimidator".
    He was a great racer and a great man, and he will be missed.

    David Brooks,
    Lieutenant, NRFR
    Newmarket Fire & Rescue
    Newmarket, New Hampshire
    (All opinions are my own)

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    Doc4031 Guest



    I first met Dale at a car show in Minneapolis in 1988. I was surprised how willing the man was to talk to a 14 year old boy who knew little of racing then. Since then I have become an big race fan. We truely lost not only one of the best drivers of all time, but I belive one of the best men of all time. May God rest his soul, and comfort his family.

    Dan Klein
    EMS Captian
    Cologne Fire & Rescue
    Cologne MN, 55322

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    BBoucheyFD Guest


    I myself am not a NASCAR fan but I knew who Dale was and what he had acomplished. I watched a few laps of the race yesterday (Dale was leading at the time) then switched the channel and thought nothing more about it. Later that evening as I was leaving our officers meeting I clicked on the radio and heard the shocking news.
    Racing in general is a unique sport where your favorite driver can be killed in an instant. That doesn't happen in football, basketball or baseball. I can't imagine the shock of having my favorite athlete die while playing.

    May he rest in peace.

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