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    Question Antifreez

    I live in ND where cold is cold and hot is cold. My question is this, can you add antifreez to our smaller water systems, of course to prevent freezing, to fight fires? We have two quick attacks with 250 gallon tanks, when called out we start the pumps and circulate the water to prevent freezing but this depletes our gas, if antifreez can be used I feel we would be more efficient. As I was reading in our Firefighter Essentials IV on page 127 it states you can use antifreez. But what type, what ratio and so on? Thanks Mike

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    Hey bud, I to am a ND native. I grew up in the Towner area, but moved to York. I am currently a student at Mayville State and am taking my fire fighters classes at night. I read that also but they failed to expand. Would like to know more about it too. I will check back time and time again to see what others think of this.

    D. Hager
    West Trail Amb. Svc
    Mayville FD


    We will eat smoke and pull out bodies as long as they continue to build them. Just once I would like them to ask one of us how to build it!!

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