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    Post Fire Department Jumping

    This is a 3 part question.

    1. How many people have stayed with the original fire department that they joined?

    2. If you havent, give a brief description as to why you left; moved, politics etc.

    3. Does it bother you if a firefighter from your station jumps to another one?

    Now that I asked the question, I will give my own answers.

    I am currently with the company I 1st joined which is now 13 years. I have seen a handful of firefighters leave due to moving from the area and a few due to political reasons. Since there are 5 stations in town, there tends to be "house jumping", sometimes it's for the better, other times it's a disaster. I dont have a problem with people moving to other stations but I have seen some firefighters go through 4 of the 5 houses, to me thats a bit ridiculous. I always go by the moto of the "Grass isn't always greener on the other side of the street"

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    I am currently with my second department. I left the first one due to political reasons and the desire to belong to a more professional department with a higher call volume. It does not bother me if someone wants to leave, this is a free country. If someone is going to volunteer their time and energy, they should be able to do it wherever they are going to be the most comfortable.

    Glenn Ralston
    Bay Ridge Fire-Rescue

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    I've been in three Departments over the last 18 years, all changes were due to job relocation; but I made the effort to keep in the Fire Service. I may be leaving my current one as well, due to job relocation.

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    Oops! I didn't answer your third question. No, I don't care if a person "station hops".

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    I'm still with the first dept I joined 6 years ago, but I'm not an active member there anymore. I do have an attachment to it though, because I grew up in that department, my step father was is a member there and I started hanging around when I was 5 years old. I am now a Lt. in another department about 20 miles away on the other end of the county. This is where I live now. However I'm glad I did move, because there is a lot of political bs going on at the station I started off at that I wouldn't want to be in the middle of. It doesn't bother me if people station hop, as long as they are not causing problems everywhere they go.

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    I am in my second department. I left the first after 3 years due to moving. I am now living back in that Departments jurisdiction, but staying in my current department because I'm close enough to make the first due truck and I have 14 years invested in my current department.
    I have no problem with 'station hoppers' although nobody likes to lose any members.

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