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    Question Station House Fund ?'s

    We are a career department with 4 stations (and several more on the drawing board)and only one house fund account for all. Our "fund" is $5.00 per pay day per member. We have 66 people on shift, and I think it is time that we separate the house fund $$ to each house, so that the guys at my house put in their $ for our house, likewise for the other stations.
    As it is currently, the fund purchases condiments, cable TV, newspaper, etc. It also buys bigger things like stereo systems, patio furniture, DVD Players, etc. We vote on these things (2/3 majority wins)
    My questions are: how does your department do it? How much does each station get $$
    or percentage? Is paying into yor house fund a requirement by your SOG's or SOP's? (ours is not!)
    Please either respond or email me at dbravest1@home.com with your replies.
    Thanks Bro's & Sisters. Sorry for the length!

    Lt. Dave E93
    Fishers Fire Dept.
    Fishers, IN

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    8.00 a member per month. Due by the 15th of each month, and if you are late, you pay a 2.00 penalty. Woes you if you are late, however, because every time you use a kitty item, you will be hassled. Every time you watch TV, you will be hassled. Newspaper? Yep- get hassled. Not in writing anywhere as it is an internal thing. It is in out contract that management provides a TV, VCR, and other "necessary" items (plates, forks......) We bought the surround sound and the barbq grill.

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    Our department pays for just about everything. If we need a new stereo system, we ask for a new one. We have 6 stations w/ #7 on the way. Each station is a little different. Here we order the newspaper. Everyone pays $1 per month for that. No pay no read. We also have a condiment fund. This costs $1 per month also. Everyone participates in both the paper & the condiment fund. Other than that the department hooks us up.


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    In our department we have "food funds" at each house, and for each shift at the downtown station. As for 3 crew downtown dues are $5 for non coffee drinkers, and $6 for those who drink coffee. In addition the newpaper is the responsibility of the rookie of the day to purchase that morning. Each station also has a pop fund so you pay for what you drink. The pop fund profits purchase need kitchen items. As for those who don't pay they get shamed into it sooner or later.

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    Our Dept varies a little from station to station, but my station:

    Each assigned person pays $6 per pay day (Subs pay a buck a shift). This buys food staples (including eggs, spuds, bread, condiments, spices, coffee, and lots more "essentials", too much if you ask me), any premium cable TV, morning paper, and any special items we want, say stereo type stuff.

    The Dept does pay for most of our TV's, furniture, and basic cable TV (we have our own training channel).

    Each station is a separate entity (as far as house funds), some have more stuff, for less money, and vice versa.

    It is not currently in our Dept Guidelines as far as payment (it used to ten years ago), but that has not been a problem. Hazing is the usual enforcement method here as well.

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    Yes, some people abuse this system by feeding themselves exclusively on HF items, leading to the term "House Fund Leak"

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    Station Fund????????? Never heard of it. Our union pays for our new's paper and stuff for the station through fund raisers. Our cable TV is free in connecticut if you are in a public building. We never even thought about station funds - not sure if that's legal. Do you force members to pay? I think labor laws are against it. But if everyone agrees to it then great - what if you get some new guy who refuses? Is he not allowed to watch TV? Or sit on the couch? I don't think it would work in my station 'cause we have guys who wouldn't pay just because you can't make them.

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