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    Stone Cold Firefighter Guest

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    HI there. im a firefighter/paramedic in NC. can someone tell me what qualifies someone to have to title of firemedic? do you have to be a paramedic and a level II certified firefighter? thanks for all the help!

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    Pastor Dawn Guest


    In our department, anyone can. We have a gal who took the FF Essentials class just to say she could do it but has never gone into a fire because she is afraid, but since she is an EMT, her classification is Firemedic. There's quite a few true Firemedics in the Department that are angry that she can claim the title without actually doing the job. Maybe other agencies have the same trouble?

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    FiremedicBill Guest


    I am a Florida state certified firefighter and paramedic. My department runs ALS first response, county EMS does transport.

    Our primary mission is still firefighting. We have several people that are firemedics, including one woman. They are all great firefighters as well as being good medics.

    2 in, 2 out!

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    pyroknight Guest


    Where in NC Stone Cold? Relocating to GBO in July.

    I believe you will find a wide range of answers to this topic. When I see Fire Medic I expect the person to be at least a FF I and EMT-P, but at my department, EMT-Is are considered fire medics because they're ALS. I would feel uncomfortable calling BLS personnel medics and even MORE uncomfortable calling anyone fire anything if they haven't competently completed live fire training.

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