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    Great save on that church fire! Were you the one quoted in the T&G?

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    College Buff...thank you for your compliment! I'll pass it on to my shift tonight. Yes, that was me quoted in the Worcester Telegram & Gazette...or should I say "misquoted" The two stained glass windows that were taken out in the alcove area over the stairwell leading from the hall to the main church were done for ventilation, not because any one was trapped in the area. That was the impression that I got reading the story in the T&G.

    It was a good save...my group busted their butts in saving the main church building! We had a post incident analysis Monday night to go over the fire and what we could have done differently...and that was initial hoseline placement and communications.

    Firefighters: rising under adverse conditions to accept the challenge!
    Captain Gonzo

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    You're welcome! And yeah, the quote came out weird. It sounded as if you had to knock out the stained glass to escape!

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    Nice job, Cap!

    J. Black

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