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    Question What would you do?

    I am a member of a small town (4000) small budget department. We recently received a grant to purchase a Thermal Imaging Camera which will pay for 75% of the final cost. The city fathers have agreed to pick up the rest.

    For an additional $2700, we can purchase the transmitter/receiver/antenna package. Here is the question..........

    Besides training, how much does this feature actually get used during actual calls?


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    We have the transmitter/reciever monitor for our thermal imagers. It can be used for a variety of purposes. It can be used as another item in the "training toolbox", when doing a drill with the thermal imager, everyone can get the view from behind the lens.

    At a fire/rescue/hazmat incident, it can be used as a another set of eyes at the command post. The personnel using the imager may not recognize a potential hazard, while someone watching the monitor at the command post might.

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    We have the option on our ISI camera- have had it now for 3 years, and each and EVERY time that it has been activated for a call, everyone forgets to turn on the TV receiver and/or the transmitter. Or everyone is too busy to do it. Personally I just dont feel that the money is justified. Spend it somewhere else.

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    i have heard that some walmart stores will donate thermal immaging camera's to departments in there town. I dont know how to go about this process. we dont have a walmart in our town and i was wondering if anybody knew of any town have had any luck with any other bussiness

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    We use ours (a Bullard)frequently; exterior crews or the IC has a visual image of the location of the team using the camera. It adds an extra margin of safety.

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    Having just gone through the review and purchase process for two thermal imagers I would agree that being able to view the camera image outside has its benefits. My only caution would be to go with a manufacturer that integrates the transmitter into the camera housing. MSA (Evolution) and Cairns (Viper) were the two we liked best (the Bullard was impressive as well though). A couple of the manufacturers offer the telemetry capability as an add-on and you end up with an antenna sticking out of the top of your camera.

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