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    Exclamation Explorer / Jr. Firefighters?

    How do you feel about Explorers/Jr.FF's Riding along on the rig and working at the scenes?

    The Questions and Opinions posted here are mine and not of any Department or organization I am affiliated with.

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    I never had a problem with it. We made them go through some "basic training" before the chief and captain involved signed them off.

    Once they met the standard, it was the OIC(right seat) and the FAO's discretion if they got to go. Also, obviously, any FF qualled for interior work bumped them, and they'd catch the second truck.

    They can be quite useful. When I was a junior, my dad was LT, and my neighbor was also a junior, his dad was Capt. We ended up making almost every run, and functioned as a "chief's aide" most of the time. We'd run accountability, help w/IC or rehab, etc. in addition to fetching tools and such.

    By the time we were old enough to be "full" FF qualled, we knew as much as many of the less active "regulars" (but not everything!).

    BTW, I moved away, but our two dads are now Chief (his) and Deputy (mine), and he's a Captain, in addition to being a full timer on a paid dept. and just made LT there.

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    We started our ride-along about a year ago. It seems to be working out great. The best thing is it keeps the Explorer's interest level up. I have a S.O.G. online if you want to check it out.

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    I was a fire explorer for a metro atlanta fire dept. before being hired to work for one. I am now an advisor for the same post I used to be in. I have to say without a doubt it is one of the best programs a young man or lady can get involved in. It's real world training with a realistic goal. Our explorers go through NPQ ff 1, haz-mat, and first responder training. They aren't allowed to enter burning structures, or go to hazmat calls. However, they can ride every piece of apparatus and help with ems and overhaul ops. Can you imagine an 18 year old kid sitting down for a job interview with this kind of experience with him/her from the age of 14? You tell me what you'd think...I'd personally be very impressed with that kind of ambition. Just my thoughts!

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    I am a co-advisor for my department's Explorer post, They are sent to an academy and trained by Firefighters, Once permitted to ride along they report to Shift Commander at the Station they wish to ride with, The Shift commander will then tell the explorer what unit he or she will be assigned to, They do the same things as Firefighters, Help clean, Train etc, At a fire call they are not permittied to enter the building they will be assigned to the Engineer who will assign him tasks to due on the firegroound, Strecthing lines, setting up tools etc, Once the fire has been contained and is out and the building is stable enough for them to enter they can assist on overhaul, I have no problems with exploers riding they are a valuable assest and jusr as valuable as a Firefighter, And I think it's a great way for young men and women to really get to know the fire service

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    I think it's great!! Our Explorers are highly trained and (in all honesty) can sometimes change a pack and make a hydrant faster than we can ! I'm all in favor of them being with us.

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    I am an Explorer, and hearing all of your responses makes me and other Explorers feel that we are appreciated. Thank You!

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    Jr. Members on the Trucks going to calls is a great system --- How else are they going to learn ? Just as long as they realize that the Pack Seats go to the Trained Senior Members and That if they are occupying a seat that a senior should have they need to get off --- Also A Junior shouldn't be on the First Due unless there is a spot for him/her --- We all learned Young --- Remember when You and I are too Old and sitting on the Fire House Bench watching the Trucks Leave the Hall it's going to be the Young'ins that are just comming up as Juniors

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    on a rather large brush fire about 2 years ago the company hosting the events had jr.s. the jr.s were a great assistance in guiding us to locations we needed to get to, and finding water sites. also i feel the jr.s learned from what the crew had to teach them it was a great exchange. the kids out there helping out do a great job and one day will be the leaders of their co. who hopefully will pass on their past keep up the good work

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    I started as a jr Firefighter when i was 14 i think it was the best thing in the world. Not only did I learn to do something I love to do and wouldn't trade for the world but it kept me out of trouble.

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