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    The story is, a volunteer heading home after a meeting (training?) was killed in a head-on with a pickup. In all, 4 deaths and 2 serious injuries. Does this count as LODD?

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    My condolences go out to the families involved in this horrible accident. But as for a LODD, I would have to say no. If you were driving home from work would it be a LODD? I doubt it.
    I know a story of an 93 year old volunteer firefighter who woke up to his house on fire. Before the FD arrived, he tried to put the fire out himself before being lead out of the building by his daughter in law that just happened to be driving by. He survived for about two weeks before succumbing to his injuries. The State of New Jersey ruled that this was not a LODD for unknown reasons. (I don't know the details) The state did pay his death benefit, but not as much as if it were a LODD.

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    This is an interesting question. I know that in Ohio, there is a 24-hour period after a volunteer firefighter returns from a call where Worker's Compensation can be applied for should you experience some medical condition related to the call you were on. I also know of cases where Worker's Compensation has been awarded for persons injured while driving to and from their place of employment. The reasoning is that the "job" put you in transit, so therefore it was a work related accident.

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    Part of why I asked. You see, when I was a vollie, commuting to "work" was not "work", but if you were POV enroute to the station for a call, your status was considered to be the same as if you were in the truck responding. Like the point in the last post about "the job put you in transit".

    But does it cover training/meetings?

    Not that it matters, I'm just curious about others thoughts.

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