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Thread: probie help

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    Hi, let me first welcome you to the fire service. I've seen a lot of good suggestions. the one I usually give is watch and learn. the fire service is on the job training. As well as class work and hands on. My other tip is always carry a tool with you. I'm sure someone will put you to work with it. also learn were everything is on the eng. So when someone asked for a tool. You know right were it is. Once again enjoy the brotherhood.

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    You certainly have some good info from your brothers and sisters here. It's nice to see the gang help someone rather than the occasional bickering that decorates these posts. That said, (1) try to avoid having a negative attitude at work. This seems unlikely now as you are new. At times, the senior folks may gripe about things and I would recommend avoiding this. Although it is nice to be one of them this is the time to stay quiet. Once a person develops a rep for a bad attitude it is hard to shake. (2)I would also recommend finding a good mentor. (3) Never forget how lucky you are to be a part of this profession. (4) Last but not least: keep improving yourself. Those who do not keep up with their training and education may find their opportunities to be limited in the future.

    Good luck and welcome aboard.

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