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    Question leather truck belt or a gut belt

    i was looking through galls and im trying to deside if i should get the leather truck belt or the gut belt so can someone post the pros and cons of each thanks

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    I use a belt similar to that of a gut belt.
    I can attach my lantern, search rope bag, and a personel escape rope bag to the belt. It does a good job in being able to keep my hands free for working. The leather truck belt I have not used. Just make sure that if you want your belt to be used as a means of personel escape, that the belt you purchase is certified as an escape belt.

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    It all depends on what you intend to use it for. If you want to use it for a bail out then the gut belt is about the only truckbelt rated for use as a class I harness.

    If you are only going to hang some things off of it go with the leather or nylon truckbelt. (cost)

    My department just switched to the gut belt because of problems with the clips of the other belts breaking. I personally don't care much for wearing a truckbelt, but our department issues us one and we are supposed to wear it.

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    i did want to use it basically for both things..to carry equipment on and also be used as a bail out belt if needed as far a equipment is concerned I was thinking about carrying a bail out bag and maybe some type of personal tool..i have also been thinking about buying a harness like the FDNY issued and then use that for bail out/truck oops and use the gut belt or leather one to carry equipment and use it as a last resort bail out means thanks in advance

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    I wouldn't recommend the leather nelt, go with at least the Gut Belt, that thing rules. As far as the FDNY harness, it is called the Gemtor personal harness, and it is great! The only downfall, unless you have loops sewn into your bunkers around the waist and two on the crotch area, it is cumbersome to pull up the pants. Also the harness closes the opposite way of most bunker pants, Morning Pride specifically addressed this. But unless you do heavy truck/rope work, go with the Gut Belt, it is cheaper.

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    Having used a leather truck belt for a few years, I recently decided to switch to a Gut Belt. I've been really happy with it so far because it allows me to carry a few more things. Here's what I did : I slid one of the rings to the left so I could attach a Hydra-Ram with a carabiner to it. It doesn't hang to low if the belt is adjusted right. On the right I threaded on a metal " O " ring on (about 2" in diameter), and that allows me to carry a sledge there. That frees up my hands to carry a halligan bar and do what I need to do. Everything stays put and it's all easily deployed. Wrap it around a saw handle and wear it like a bandolier for easy ladder climbing. The gut belt is worth the money. Hope this helps.

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    Default Gut Belt/ Ladder Belt

    For eight years I have had an worn a nylon ladder belt and have had great success with it especially for carrying tools and keeping my hands free. I have bounced around from an engine to ladder company, I am now assigned to ladder company. I have been on technical rescue teams such as USAR. I am a Level II Fire Instructor for FFI, FFII, & Technical Rescue. I have down some research on Class I Ladder belts for self rescue for fire fighting and have found the Xtreme Gut Belt to be the belt of choice. It meets all of NFPA 1983 Standards for Life Safety. I have also found the Sterling Crosby Hook & Rope Rescue System also meets NFPA Standards for Life Safety and has a flame retard of 932*F.
    Just remember when you are looking to by something find out what it is that you want it to do for you and your company. My department brought bailout bags of rope and then told us that are for search only, do not bailout with one of these rope bags they are not rated for that. I was doubt founded so I set out to equip myself to save myself.
    Please be fire safe/ fire smart..... JKJ

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