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    Question EMERGENCY!(the show) Squad 51

    Hey do any fire departments still use Paramedic Rescue Squads like squad 51 on the old show emergency..IM 15 and still watch that show when possible even though its old, i always wanted to be a paramedic on a squad like that(when i grow up) so just post ur input thanx Dave

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    LA Co. still uses them. As a matter of fact Co. even has a Squad 51 in service. Station 51 is on the property at Universal Studio. It houses Eng. 51 a 98 KME pumper, Squad 51 a 92 Ford/Secca and Patrol 51 a 98 GMC constructed by the shops.

    You can see pictures of the three units in the March-April 2000 issue of Fire Apparatus Journal.

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    They're fairly common with small depts. in the mid-west. More and more depts are going to "medium" or "heavy" rescues, though. Either a commercial cab mini-pumper that carries rescue gear -- or a roll-up side truck. My dad still runs 3 of them (w/3 stations, 6 pumpers, etc.) The newest is on a '99 Ford F550 super-duty crew cab.

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    We (Monrovia) still uses them also

    This is Squad 101 and Engine 102

    Tim Macias
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    Well as you in addtion to LA County and Monrovia, The City's of Torrance, La Verne and couple other O.C. City's have the same style of EMS, Except they are Squads but just dispatched as Medic 1 etc

    101, Which Engine is that 101, 102, 201?, I see the back of Squad 102 so I will assume it was taken up at 101's

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