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    Thumbs up Do you know anyone who commutes more than a 100 miles to work

    I met a person the other day that works for Los Angeles City fire and lives in St. George UT. That is a 450 mile commute. He says he has been commuting to work for more than 10 years. Anyone know of someone else that commutes that far to work for their Fire Department.

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    I used to. I used to work for a consultant (computer programming) and most of my clients were either in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, or New Jersey, and I live in Eastern Long Island, NY.
    3 of the guys in my FD are FDNY firefighters and 4 are FDNY EMS. It's got to be close to the 100 miles you mention, depending on the house that they're running out of.

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    I work with a medic who drives 128 miles each way to and from work. He does this for three 48 hour tours every 2 week pay period.
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    yes, I travel 110 miles to my dept from home.
    110 miles from my dept back to home. I live in N.Florida work in Central Florida, well worth the trip.

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    Dave, I had a guy in my Instructor class at Summer Fire School 2 years ago that lives in Washington (Utah) and commutes to SLCoFD. How far is that? 6 hours? Don't remember his name.

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    My commute (one way) is 82 miles!! I drive a '92 Ford Ranger that barely gets 20 MPG, and the way gas prices have been lately....seems like half my paycheck goes in the tank!!!

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    If you think they are crazy, I drive 250 miles (5 hours)from Long Island to Kentland, Maryland to volunteer. I stay 48 hours and go back to NY. Or If I am at school, it is 300 miles (4 hours due to less traffic) from Blacksburg Va (Va Tech) to Kentland MD..

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