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    Question Scott......Lost voice amplifiers!?!

    Is anyone out there having problems, or had a problem with the voice amplifier coming off the facepiece? We replaced our old 2.2a's last year with the air-pak 50's. Since that time, 2 voice amplifiers have come up missing......and a third was found about ready to fall off. A close inspection found that they were all installed properly.

    Unfortunatly, the missing amps. were not discovered while the paks were being cleaned and put back in service.....so it is anyone's guess where they fell off.

    Just wondering if anyone else has had a similiar problem.



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    I have an amplifier on my personal mask and have not had any problems. But when you put it on you may tighten the screw too much and it doesn't help. You have to loosen it to fit in the grooves of the mask. Then it will fit tight.

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