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    ENG 6511 Guest


    You win, RED it is! What color RED is the question? I've decided to repaint a 1977 ALF Century pumper that I have just finished refurbing from Lime Yellow [ the original factory color ] to RED. What is the most popular fire truck RED or what color RED does the majority prefer?

    Bob Compton

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    daysleeper47 Guest


    I didnt know fire trucks came in any other color except red or that there were varieties to red, I just knew that they were RED.

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    james35 Guest


    There's only one color Red. Some call it Fire Engine Red, other's call it Candy Apple Red. My favorite is Dodge Truck Red...


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    Engine69 Guest

    Red face

    Hopefully someone who does fire engine restoration will have the source for it.. but there is an American LaFrance Red... that is what you want to use since you have an ALF.... it is a darker red than most "Fire Engine Red" colors you normally see.

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    Captain Gonzo Guest


    Have you tried contacting American LaFrance for the paint codes for the 1977 model year?

    In 1977, they may have used lacquer or enamel for their paintwork. For durability, you may want to consider Imron from Dupont..that's what most fire apparatus manufacturers are using for paint today. It's a polyurethane enamel that is durable.

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    mark440 Guest


    (((((GAG))))) Dodge Truck Red???? Your deep red (ALF) is the best choice. An autobody shop should be able to help you pinpoint the exact color.
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    tc1chief Guest


    ALF refers to it as "Blood Red". I'm not sure about ALF using it in 1977 but I do know it was used in 1978. Try contacting John Callaway, Sales Representative, at Triad Freightliner (336) 668-0911. My 2001 model is painted this color.

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    firefighter15_wv Guest


    I still think you should go with chrome yellow.

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