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    Question Rescue/Engine Eqpt.

    Hello everyone. In the past few weeks I have been trying to take a very active role in my station. Especially when it comes to the new engine. I am looking for suggestions and what you have for equipment wise to put on our new coming engine. There is going to be alot of space for anything and everything so lay it all on me. I am looking for whatever you have, wish you had, or think should be on a engine. I've already thought of some. Thanx for the help.

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    i wish we had a thermal imaging camera

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    That's it?! just one wish that's all the replies I get? Maybe you guys and gals don't have equipment on your trucks? And there will be a thermal imager on the truck. We already have the grant money for one. Thanx for the reply though =)

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    Mike, I think we can all help you a little better if you furnish us a little additional info.

    Is this new engine of yours a first out attack truck, second out, last out??? Will it be used for attack, hydrant, drafting, extrication, Haz-Mat???

    What type of area are you in?? Residential, farmland, city, or combination?? Do you have any hi-rises, any industrial, any hi-ways or major roads???

    Let us know and we'll hit ya with some ideas.

    Engine Lt. Kevin C. (aka Pokey)

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    Larry Welle
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    Class " A " foam . C.A.F.systom
    1000 /or 1500 water tank
    hose reals 1 1/2 lite wate booster 200'
    2 1/2 pre conect's off rear
    cross lays
    six man cab
    roll up doors
    450 h.p. motor


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