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    Post Elevating Platform Equip in Bucket

    We have just recieved a new ladder. It is a 102' Aerial platform and are looking at what equipment to keep in the bucket. The general concencus around here is to have a pick headed axe, a closet hook and a high rise pack in the bucket. I Am open to any suggestions and any help would be appriciated

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    My old company had:
    set of irons
    pick head
    masks (we had piped air)
    2 pike poles (in tubes in the ladder)
    task force tip for the nozzle
    plus some other little stuff I can't remember

    No hose on the truck. Even though we had a 2 1/2 port on the bucket, I can't remember it ever being used. Once you hook up, you've committed the ladder to that window and turned your truck into a very expensive standpipe system.

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    We carry 2 masks for the pre-piped air. A set of stacked tips for the second master stream( 1 is smooth bore, the other is a fog). A pick head axe. A short plaster hook. A 6' pike pole stored in the ladder section along with a collapsable attic ladder. We also carry a 10 foot section of 1 3/4" hose with a fog nozzle that can hook up in the basket. Only used to hit those spots that the master streams can't reach. With it being that short, you can't get out of the basket and travel with it, therefore not keeping the aerial tied to one position.

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    We carry a pick-head axe, several pieces of prussic rope and carabiners, a 6' pike pole, a 14' roof ladder (attached to the top fly section) 100' 1.5" hose with TFT nozzle. We also have a 10' 1.5" section, which is nice if you have a fire you don't want to nuke with the standpipe, but still don't wanna get off the bucket. The 10' length is managable so you don't have loops of hose hanging off the sides.

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