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    Question Does your FD, Do walk throughs?

    In light of reading the little trivia question on Firehouse.com I thought this would be an intresting topic to post in here, So doeds your FD do walk throughs to famarlize yourself with buildings in your area? Mine does and not just new buildings we walk through all buildings getting to know things about them

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    Unless your company is so darn busy that they can't hardly eat between calls they BETTER be doing walk-throughs. It's our job to know our district, especially target hazards. Even the volunteer companies that I've been on did walk-throughs.

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    Yes we do, It's mandatory here, Walk throughs should be done all buildings in your district not just new ones

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    Our dept does them on the larger buildings.The Fire Prevention Bureau does walk throughs and is working on making maps of all the buildings in our districts for the trucks. This takes time, and hopefully won't be to much longer. But then again we are volunteer, and its hard to find the time.

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    Yes, our department preplans and does walk throughs with every new building in town. We also do replanning and walk throughs on several buildings that we were fortunate not to have a fire in but are so complex that we want to make a return preplanning trip periodically.

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    We do most of our walk throughs through the businesses and all are preplanned. we work closly with the building department and get good insider informantion on new construction. Also do walk throughs during some phases of new building consturction and major remoldels..

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    We only walk-through buildings with unusual hazards or very large fire loads.

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