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    Question Disgruntled employee or the truth?

    A friend of mine told me about this website about FDNY.

    What do you think?

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    Ross Johnson
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    I am not sure but he seems to have done his research. The one thing I know for sure: FDNY is far from what you see on Third Watch; EMS and fire are not best pals and the police and FD/EMS CERTAINLY do not get along close to what they do on the show. Hey if your gonna post your opinion about something, at least get numbers and facts to back you. This guy has done his share to voice his opinion. How true it is, who knows.

    Gettysburg Fire Department (PA) FF/NREMT-B
    Brookside Engine Company,Div of Mendham Twp Fire Dept(NJ) FF
    Mendham Twp EMS EMT-B
    These views are my own and do not reflect those of these departments

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    philip publicover
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    Oh boy, has someone got their knickers in a knot or what.

    I hope things are not this bad.

    Train hard and Train Safe

    Philip Publicover, Fire Chief

    District #1 Fire department
    Blandford, N.S., Canada
    E-mail blandfordvfd@hotmail.com

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