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    Post Bush Recommends Cutting FIRE Act; Project Impact

    Discuss the latest development and intial reaction to news that President Bush wishes to cut the FIRE Act and FEMA projects....

    President Bush: Cut FIRE Act, Project Impact

    President George W. Bush is calling for discontinued funding of the Firefighter Investment and Response Enhancement (FIRE) Act and abolishing FEMA’s Project Impact in an early outline of his 2002 federal budget proposal.

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    daysleeper47 Guest


    This one goes out to all you people that were supporting Bush back before the election when we had that big thread may have won on November 7, but now you, and everyone else, lose.

    "When the bell goes ding-ding, its time to get on the woo-woo."
    "Dusting desire - starting to learn. Walking through fire with out a burn..."
    Youngstown Fire Department

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    neal Guest


    I didn't vote for the man. I didn't trust him before an I still don't.

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    fireman phil Guest

    Thumbs down

    I wonder what if he will touch the billions that they dish out to the law enforement community. My guess is NOT. We all to to unite on this one. This mentality from our nations captitol scares the crap out of me

    Fireman Phil of the Show Me State

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    efdtower1dr Guest


    What a bunch of bunk! Just goes to show you where the police will get their funding for in the future--and at the fire service's expense. Who do people call when no one else will come--that's right, they call the FIRE DEPARTMENT. We'll still be there--we'll just be creative like we have done so many times before. Implement, Adapt and Overcome. Just like the old saying goes: "We've done so much for so long with so little; next we'll be able to do anything with nothing. I wonder what all those people who voted for Bush are thinking now.

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    Dalmatian90 Guest

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    Goodness forbid you have to work with your local politicians on a predominantly local problem. Gosh, that would take developing leadership skills to influence public opinion to put pressure on the local pols.

    Funding local fire protection equipment & personnel isn't a federal responsibility. Funding law enforcement is only marginally more so since has more of an impact on interstate commerce. Plus they've developed a good PR program.

    Oh, and playing politics probably doesn't help. What was the first union to endorse Gore anyway? Guess what folks...still don't have the public visibility to withstand political payback. But maybe that PR would come from working locally...

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    Flameout Guest

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    It really is a damn shame that the fire service, which is just as important or even more so than our police services, has to take a back seat when it comes to supplemental funding from the federal government! When a few hundred million dollars has to be cut from the budget for the fire service, rather than from the billions that have been funneled to police departments around the country, it really shows were the fire service stands! The FIRE ACT was a long time coming and we shouldn't let it go down without a fight!


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    Darrell G. White Guest




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    SRVFD2 Guest


    Thumbs up to Darrell's comment. I know how hard our Congressman worked toward getting this passed, and he shares the president's party. I will be in touch with him- even though I have yet to be convinced that our little dept.would ever be able to benefit from the FIRE act anyway! Dalmation 90, I have to agree with you!

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    CollegeBuff Guest


    Well said Matt.

    (btw, did you get my email?)

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    hazmat961 Guest


    As fireman phil said, the fire service should unite on this. This will affect everyone, paid and volunteer, in one way or another. I think that people take us for granted. They call us and we show up. What if they called and we didn't come? They would be on every politician and elected official that they could get thier hands on.
    Not to sound harsh, what if we went away? President Bush's house stands the same chance of burning as does the guy's home that scrubs the Bush's bathroom. What if DCFD Engine 16 didn't come? Well?? They need to start putting more money in to funding the fire service and less in thier pockets!!!! If it wasn't bad enough for the local and state to cut funding, now the Feds have joined them too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hazmat 961

    These opinions are my own and do not reflect those of my department.

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    neman Guest


    Its a Shame to lose all that money for so many programs. It's just a shame that IAFF was so supportive and vocal for a Candidate as week as Al Gore. I Hope that our President can understand that not all Voting members of the IAFF supported Gore. I don't see how Bush could make such a drastic decision towards all Fire service personnel. Volunteers Don't vote in IAFF elections. They shouldn't be punished for the IAFF's decisions. I urge you to contact your local politicians, to have your voice heard.

    "Stay Low, and go Slow"

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    axman Guest


    Originally posted by daysleeper47:
    This one goes out to all you people that were supporting Bush back before the election when we had that big thread may have won on November 7, but now you, and everyone else, lose.

    daysleeper47, I thought that you of all people wouldn't Judge a President just because he is a Republican, you talk a lot about Youngstown but have you really taken a good look at what the Democrats have done for your own town, most of your officials are in jail or are being investigated for corruption, you should give President bush some time, Hopefully we can all come together to make him understand how Important this Funding was for our country and were not going to be able to do this if we make this out to be a Republican VS Democrat issue.


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    FAM Guest


    Good for the President. You have to begin cutting somewhere! It shouldn't be a government project to fund local fire issues. Remember as you hammer the president that you asked for 5 billion and were happy with 100 million.

    The insurance industry should be funding fire protection like it does in three states and their dollar numbers exceed this 100 million proposal. What is more the $2300 per fire department if divided equally was a joke to begin with, especially with up to $500,000 allowed to individual FD's.

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    SBFire333 Guest


    What a kick in the nuts as far as I am concerned......Lets not give this one without a fight. With all the time spent on getting this far lets not make it for nothing.....See you should of voted for Gore

    The opinions and views expressed herin are solely mine and not on the behalf of the organization I belong to.

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    CVFC22 Guest

    Thumbs up

    Thanks daysleeper47 for telling it like it really is.

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    Tentruck Guest


    NEMAN....You need to get a damn clue you fool. First of all, without the IAFF and the support from Congress you would be getting no money this year at all from the Fire Act for your VOLUNTEER Fire Department. Don't try and put the IAFF down, because you don't understand it. The IAFF represents thousands of Career firefighters, but many of the issues they push with the politicians also affect and help the volunteers. Oh and as well, "support such a weak candidate like Gore", at least he had his priorities straight when it came to one of the most important issues to us, the Fire Service. Get a clue.

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    Trey Smith Guest


    We in Charlotte, N.C. have utilized the Project Impact program to purchase over 60 homes in flood prone areas and have created a partnership with local governments and our fire department to help fund:

    Free Weather radio give-a-ways to every school in our city

    Free Carbon Monoxide detector give-a-ways to residents in our community

    Created & funded a flood education program for the entire comunity along with Flood PSA announcements.

    Funded computer based software to alert residents in flood prone communities by Reverse 911.

    DON"T TELL ME THE PROJECT IMPACT program isn't effective. Maybe the new administration needs to look in the mirror to see something ineffective!!!

    Capt. Trey Smith
    Charlotte Fire Department
    Charlotte, N.C.

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    ENGINE18-3 Guest


    Well I doubt that my Dept. would of ever seen any money from the FIRE Act but it still (for a lack of a better word) sucks that President Bush wants to cut the FIRE Act from the budget.
    But until ALL Firefighters, Career & Volunteer, unite the Fire Service will continue to be treated as the 'Red Headed Stepchild' of the Public Safety Services.
    It's time to stop squabbling within ourselves and started fighting with the Politicians in Washington, your respected State Capitols & Local Governments for EQUAL funding with Law Enforcement.
    Viva la Fire Service!

    The statements above are my own opinions

    FF Greg Grudzinski
    Oaklyn Fire Dept.
    Station 18-3

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    Engine 101 Guest


    Originally posted by ENGINE18-3:
    Well I doubt that my Dept. would of ever seen any money from the FIRE Act but it still (for a lack of a better word) sucks that President Bush wants to cut the FIRE Act from the budget.
    But until ALL Firefighters, Career & Volunteer, unite the Fire Service will continue to be treated as the 'Red Headed Stepchild' of the Public Safety Services.
    It's time to stop squabbling within ourselves and started fighting with the Politicians in Washington, your respected State Capitols & Local Governments for EQUAL funding with Law Enforcement.

    No offense to anyone here from Texas, But we all should of known better to elect a Texan President?

    What Bush has done has really ****ed me off, It seems like all this man seems to care about is a Tax Cut, It's nice that you want a Tax Cut but It's very unfair you must punish the Brave Men and Women of the Fire Service like this, Shouldn't we be rewarding them instead of punishing them?. Just what was Bush thinking?, I think we all need to voice our opinions to our elected officals in Washington and voice our displeasure over what Bush did, Man When I saw that I was ****ed!, That money is sorley needed by many fire departments and here bsuh goes ans gets rid of it !, Well in 4 years I think we need to get rid of Bush, No wonder IAFF supported Gore

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    toddmcbr Guest

    Thumbs down

    What the hell is this all about. What a horrible thing to cut funding from our nations fire service. What the hell is up with all Bush's damn budget cuts anyway. It's quite coincidental that the President's salary doubled from $200,000 to $400,000 this year.

    Anyway.....I'm with all the others, we need to stick together and fight this until the end. I ask all of you to write all your congressmen and let them know your feelings on this matter. the web team, maybe try and set up a page where your visitors are able to write all of there congressmen from a form on that page. Something like what Napster has on their speakout pages.


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    HOTDOG Guest


    What a disgrace and a slap in the face, no, in the nuts to all of us, paid and vollie, who risk our rump for their bureaucratic a@@es. Like it has been previously stated, unity is the only option to fight for what is rightly ours!

    To those of you who state it should be up to localities to fund the fire service, it must be nice to live in an area with money running out the crack of your a@@, but what about those of us who live in economically oppressed areas where the localities do well to balance the years budget much less find funding to purchase equipment for our "financially burdening" fire departments. You guys need to get out of your rich urban areas and see what is like to have 75% of your pumpers over 22 years old! And it is not from lack of effort on our parts. It makes me sick!

    Even if our area received no funding from the Fire Act, you have to start somewhere. It may take a few years, but I am sure the benefits of this legislation would gradually trickle down to benefit everyone. I was not hoping for miracles...just some much deserved appreciation that has been a long time comming.

    For those of you who are making this out to be a political issue, daysleeper never made a comment on party affiliation, he just stated a fact that Bush is just what his name implies....need I say more?

    Endeavor to persevere guys, just as we all have done in the past. Never give up and never give in...........Don't let it die just 'cause some filthy rich bureaucrat president wants to kick us in the nads.

    Stay safe............I mean it!!

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    CollegeBuff Guest

    Thumbs down

    Sure the IAFF endorsed Gore- they also did it without bothering to ask the opinions of their members. What I'm talking about is the very active thread on the Fire Politics board before the election, asking basically, "Bush or Gore." and I have to say that the majority of the posts I say from IAFF members disagreed with the decision of the union. I mean, this was an endorsement given before the primary was even hardly beginning. Unfortunately, I think that the IAFF has shown their true political colors, as the Teamsters did long ago- they've become a mindless ATM machine for the Democratic Party.

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    firedude3815 Guest


    Is anyone really surprised that once again government has shown their total disrespect for this line of work? How many of those politicians do you think would have the nerve to do what we do? We put our lives on the line every day in all sorts of conditions. From career firefighter to volunteer, we are all professionals. From what I understand, fire officials asked for much more money than what was allocated. We got $100 million this year and were supposed to get $300 million next year. Do the math. That won't buy anything of any substance. It is better than nothing though. Maybe President Bush should look at us as a type of military and reconsider this cut. One that is fighting the war on a lack of fire safety and prevention. A war that NEVER ends.

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    MarionFire1 Guest


    I can tell you all one fact. One of the deals under that 100 million, is cities that are in the wildland -urban interface get priorty for some aspects of that funding. The city of Kalispell, MT is on that list of cities, but the thing is the city of Kalispell is not in the wildland interface, but yet they are earmarked for some of that $$$$. Personally I think that the 100 million is going to go to Depts. that can afford the time and money (lawyers etc..) to get the funding that they want. The small depts will get the scraps that fall from the table. it all comes down to politics.
    Dave, C.

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