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    Post Be on the look out

    Everyone be more carefull while checking your e-mail I'm sire many of you know there are some harmfull e-mail viruses being sent around the first one
    From HaHa
    Re Snow white and the 7 Dwarfs the Real Story
    If this is sent to you, DELETE IT!, Do NOT open it and do NOT run the attachment it is a virus!
    The 2nd
    RE Anna Kornikova
    Do not open any e-mail if that is the subject line that is another harmfull virus!, Be on the look out for these and I suggest looking into some kind of anti virus software, There were four copys of the Snow White e-mail sent to me, Luckily I had been pre warned to be keep an eye out, Be carefull! tc\ss ttyl

    Tim Macias
    I will fight fire for Electricity

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    Well thanks for the alert, I'll be more carefull when checking my e-mail thanks for the warning

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