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    Post Fun in the Firehouse

    Looking for your ideas on practical jokes in the firehouse. Post your success stories here. Please note that all enteries should be FUN, NOT threaten the response capabilities of your company, and (above all) be SAFE!

    Here's one:

    Placing a thin line of flour on each blade of a ceiling fan above someone's bunk so when they turn it on...

    How about this,

    Grease up the underside of the driver's door handle to your buddys car. S/he'll love ya in the morning!

    Post your ideas. Remember, FUN and SAFE are essential. The operational readiness of you company CANNOT be even remotely compromised. (No screwing with bunker gear).

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    You probably won't like this one to much since it involves gear but oh well. One night we tied a bunch of can's to the one guys truck, he left and had to stop a block away to take them off. well his revenge was to fill up the helmet and sleeve's of the one guys coat with the cans. the next day he put his coat on and all the cans flew out of the sleve end and cans fell out from under the helmet hehe. and the other guy involved his boots were switched around. needless to say he was uncomfortable for the fire alarm call. when someone falls asleep a classic is spraying shaving cream in the hand and tickeling their nose, always gets them.

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    If you have a firefighter that likes to stay up lateer than everyone else--Get yourself a big ol' dill pickle and some fishin' line.

    Dry the pickle off so the victim won't smell the vinegar. Tie the line to the pickle and attach it to some sort of pulley device on the ceiling right above his/her bunk( a paper clip works real well on suspended ceiling grid) then run the line across the ceiling to another pulley device, eyehook, paper clip whatever and then down to the trickster's bed.

    Raise the pickle to the ceiling and hold it there. When the victim comes to bed they won't usually turn on the lights so as not to disturb others. After they lay down and sound like they are asleep, slowly lower the pickle down with the line. If you are lucky it will go in their ear or other orifice. When you hear them wake up with a start, jerk the pickle back to the ceiling.

    If you are lucky, you might get away with this several times before they throw the lights on. From here on you are on your own.

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    This works best with bunk beds but it can be modified to fit your needs. First take and an old expired bag of ringers and set it up with the iv tubing and all. then put the bag under the mattress. Tape all the tubing up the post or wall(out of sight) Set the drip for the proper weight of the person. Then wait until the goes to bed. The best thing about this is you really don't get thte person really wet until they have been asleep for a while due to the slow drip. This works well for probies as well as the trouble maker on shift. Good Luck and remember to expect to get paid back

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    Some of the best ones I've seen done are:
    Take out all of the screws that hold the bed together and replace them with toothpicks, that way when the persone climbs into bed their wait bends the toothpicks and sometime during the night they break and the prson falls to the floor. Another one is kind of sick, the guys at my station put clear grease on the tolit seat so when some one sat on it they flew off and landed on the floor. This person ended up naked and stuck between the tolit and the wall screaming for help. Another one along this line was to put saran wrap on the tolit so when someone goes to do their thing it goes everywhere.

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    Red face

    I was actually gotten by this one. Put ketchup packets between the little bumpers, on the bottom of the toilet seat, and the rim of the bowl. When someone goes to sit down the packets burst and squirt ketchup everywhere. And I mean everywhere.

    Another one is to lay a strip of baby powder along the bottom door jam when someone is using the bathroom. Then use an air hose with a spray nozzle and spray it under the door. It completely clouds the bathroom.

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