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    Lightbulb personal escape harnesses

    Need help! What do your dept's use for personal escape harnesses? Do they use rappelling harnesses? Truckman/Ladder belts? What do use use and what do you recommend?

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    The City of Bayonne Fire Department uses the Gemtor Fire Service Harness #541. It is a Class 2 harness that is very versatile.

    It can be used as a personal escape harness as well as a belt to connect to ladders(portable, aerial or tower). It can also be used to rappel to save someone else.

    These are the same harnesses that are used by FDNY. In our city, all the ladder companies are required to wear them and 2 of the 7 engine companies are required to wear them. We implemented the harness in 1997 and we are very happy with the system.

    The harness has never been used as a personal escape harness or to rescue someone yet, but it has been very instrumental in making the fireground safer by using it doing the normal tasks asked of us at a fire.

    The web page to see a photo of the harness and its features and benefits is www.gemtor.com/rescue.htm

    Hope this was helpful.

    Kevin M. Fitzhenry, bfdt2@fitzhenry.com
    Firefighter, Truck Co. 2
    City of Bayonne (NJ) FD

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    I totally agree with Kevin. I've been using my Gemtor harness for three years now and it's been great. I have four straps with snap buttons sewn on my bunker pants (two in the front in the crotch, and two in the back on my waist) which hold it in place. Very easy to take on and off and is very comfortable. I use it as a ladder belt and when working off the tower truck. Easily accessible if emergency exit is needed. They're not cheap, but they're worth it.

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    Gotta agree, Gemtor is the way to go! If anyone is intersted in the FDNY Training tape on the personal harness, E-Mail me, I may be able to be persuaded into copying it for them.

    HEY, to the nrothers from Bayonne, SICK picture in this month's Fire-Rescue Magazine! That F'ing rocked!!!!!

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    You might also want to check out Troll USA. They have a Class III harness integrated into turnout gear (I believe the agreement is with Morning Pride, but don't quote me) that only requires one extra connection (over regular donning procedure). The harness is integrated into the turnout suspenders and has an attachment that can be easily pulled out by a rescuer and hooked up to retrieve a down firefighter. I know there are also some setups on the market that center around the SCBA. Since you shouldn't be in a hazardous atmosphere without a BA, that might be something to look into also.

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    I also use the Gemtor harness, and attached to is my bail out bag with my rope. I wouldn't use it as a escape harness in its self. I've believe if your gonna bail out, wrap the rope around ya and hold on. But I have to say, other than my leather pro boots, I wouldn't give the gemtor up either.

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