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    Post Single, Double, or Multi-stage pump?

    What kind of pump does your engine have? The trend seems to be shifting toward single stage pumps on newer apparatus. For the double and multi-stagers, how often do you use volume rather than pressure? There are pros and cons to both kinds, and I was curious to see what areas of the country (and world) use what. Stay safe.

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    Our dept has, in the past, bought two-stage pumps. We very seldom ever switch from pressure to capacity on a fire scene. About the only time we use it is on a drill, and sometimes the damn thing gets hung up and we have a hard time getting her set back. Guess that's what happens when they get about 20+ years on them. We are in the process of spec'n a new ride and are going with a single stage pump. Fewer parts means less trouble, in our opinion. Many depts in our surrounding area have done the same thing and they seem to be pleased with the transition.

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    I recently attended a class on this topic. It was explained that the invention of the 2 stage pump was a result of gasoline engines and thier low horsepower at lower rpm they could not turn the large GMP pumps at low RPM, Also this was before LDH and our fire flows were relativly low. Now with high horsepower diesel engines and LDH the need for 2 stage pumps has gone away. I'm sure that 2 stage pumps still have an application. but for the most part todays FD can use the single stage pump quite well

    I hope this helps you out with fact not opinion

    Stay safe

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    I don't disagree with any of the posts here but in addition you might want to look at the "Article" published by HALE pump on their web site. It is most informative and gives the pro and cons of buying either from them.

    Bob Compton

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