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    Lightbulb Tricks of the Trade

    Ok, we all know something that we find makes our job a little easier. Some call them Tricks of the Trade. What are your "tricks"?

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    I don't have any suggestions, but I would like to add a specific question.

    Does anyone have a good solution to opening a rusty hydrant?

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    I just use a little bit of elbow grease on those pesky hydrants. I suppose if it's too rusted up, you might risk breaking the stem inside (on a dry barrel). I would most likely suggest notifying the water company to either check up on the hydrants more than they do, unless the dept. tests them. It's different everywhere you go .

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    Our solution was the same, whether you're talking caps or stems. W/the hydrant wrench, there was also a 4' piece of pipe big enough to go over the wrench handle (extra leverage) and a 4lb. rubber faced hammer (dead-blow type, like for doing auto-body work).

    Always use the wrench first, the pipe and hammer are last resort.

    And if you break the hydrant, and lose the house because of lack of water.... tell the insurance co. to bill the water dept

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