To all users of the CairnsAIR Pioneer Pro SCBA:
When you conduct your SCBA checks you should follow the following steps:
1. Charge the air system
2. Listen to the breathing tubes where they connect to the second stage regulator. You should grasp the tubes and move them back and forth.
3. Take a close look at the short tube - the tubes are cutting from the inside out. This is a problem that CairnsAIR is aware of, but is not letting users know.
4. You will not get a catostrophic failure but it will take the SCBA out of service.
5. If you had the integrated PASS update, check your units with a high band radio. Apparently the fix to remedy the radio activation of the PASS alarms is temporary. Not a safety issue, but is very annoying when it happens in the apparatus.
6. I also belives that they have a fix for the annoying speach diaphram problem. Still waiting for them to fix ours. It has only been a year.