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    Question Cutting up Car$!

    Pyroknight's reply to a thread on vehicle rescue inspired me to ask this question:

    What is the most expen$ive car you had to take the extrication tools to?

    The most expen$ive car I can remember was a Mercedes Benz S-600 (MSRP $130,000). It was rear ended by a tractor trailer unit. The trunk area was completely smashed in, but the passenger compartment was largely intact. (You have to love German engineering in crumple zone design!) The rear doors were jammed and we had to use the Hurst tools to get access to the passengers in the back seat area. The injuries were minor!

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    I bet that really hurt feelings to dig into such a finely crafted car. The best I ever got ahold of was a Jag that got t-boned. It
    took a good hit and protected the driver and passenger.

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    Does it have to be a car??? I bet some of the semi tractors I have tore into over the years have been pretty expensive pieces of machinery.

    Of course my most expensive car fire was Robby Gordon's CART car from the 1999 Cleveland Grand Prix. My partner and I probably saved nearly a million bucks when we put it out during a re-fueling fire in the pits.

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    A couple years back we got to rip and tare on a Tri Axle haulling coal. It had hit a second second Tri Axle. Very interesting expeirence having to holding the spreaders above your head. Luckily the Halmatro spreaders aren't overly heavy.
    As for vehicle on fire we had to put out a large front end loader at a stripping cut. We also had a Tri axle catch on fire at a coal cleaning plant. Luckily it wasn't near anything.

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    An Audi A6 and a Sterling (Jag/Honda Hybrid?)

    I was in a station in PG county last year that has a big sign hanging with badges from a number of the vehicles they have cut.. pretty impressive and quite a variety!

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    Had to cut the pilot and co-pilot from a 1 year old Pilatus PC-12 single engine turbo-prop. Everyone survived the engine-out, wheels-up crash-landing onto a bog! The port wing and engine were ripped off by the impact and the firewall had the two drivers pinned. We flew our FFs, tools and hydraulic pump to the site in a helo. I reckon that PC-12 must of cost 1.5 megabucks or more!

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    well let's see...
    a Mercedes that hit guardrails..a Porsche hit a pole..a CAT 627 scrapper (big bucks)

    we put out one of my grandfather's tri-axles. He owned a construction co.

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