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    Exclamation face shield VS. Goggles

    our dept has told us that when our face shields break that they will not be replace, that instead they will give us goggles.
    i do not like goggles and have taken every precaution not to break my shield
    i also think goggles are useless when you have a scott mask on at least a shield can be flipped down as secondary protection over your mask.

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    Our fire department just released an order mandating goggles only. All other eye protection is to be removed from the helmet.

    Negative, I am a meat popsicle.

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    We don't really have any SOP on that. Our dept. will replace the shield on the helmet however. My personnel preference, is to use shop glasses, the cheap plastic ones, on extrications and things of that sort, however I'll put my shield down while I have my airmask on. The shields don't do a whole lot of good on extrications, but they're better than nothing.

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    It's just a matter of personal preference. Keep in mind, however, that face shield alone does not meet NFPA recommendations. Goggles that are fixed to the helmet can be used alone, but a face shield must be used in conjunction with eye protection such as goggles, safety glasses, or SCBA mask. My preference is goggles since they can keep you from having to keep up with safety glasses. My ideal setup is a pair of detachable goggles (to keep them from getting burned up on a fire I don't need them on anyway) AND a faceshield which usually serves no other purpose than meeting the specs.

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    Goggles and shields are both trade-offs. Do goggles alone provide you with face protection during overhaul? I don't think so. Do faceshields alone provide you with adequate eye protection during extrication? I don't think so.

    Personally I like faceshields with a pair of $2 safety specs in my gear if I need them. I was given a helmet with goggles to evaluate and I'm ready to go back to a shield.

    Ultimately it's the Chief's decision on what he requires and issues for PPE but I would hope he (or she) would consult with the regulators to make sure it's appropriate and consult with the people wearing the PPE to ensure it meets their needs.

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    Towards the end of 2000, my FD ordered new helmets for the masses with goggles instead of the shields we used to have. Prior to the purchase, folks were given the chance to speak out for or against the change. I believe that most of the support was for the goggles. Now that we have the helmets, some of the folks are starting to say that the goggles were a bad idea.

    Personally, I think the goggles would be better because they keep smoke, trash, etc. out of your eyes. A shield can't do that.


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    Goggles don't work for me. So far my department has offered a choice of shields with approved eyewear, or goggles, but they are no longer replacing shields. I even heard one genius say goggles could be worn over an SCBA mask. Another suggested wearing chaps over turnout gear when operating chain saws. I am as safety conscious as anyone, but at some point you begin to create dangers in the name of safety.

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    My brand new Cairns 1010 is a helmet often asociated with "gogles". Am I fan of them? No way in Hell. I believe that they serve a purpose, and that purpose rests solely in wildland fires, and extrication. however, I would NEVER replace my shield with goggles on an everyday basis. Regarding "wearing the shield down with SCBA" I had always been taught that you NEVER wear a shield in the down posistion during SCBA operations, and I will most likely never deviate from that. The shield and the goggles have some conjunction in wearing goggles and then the shield over them during wildland fires, and extrciation operations. the shield provides protection that the goggles do not and vice-a-versa. In certain situations, they are something like seatbealts and airbags. Use one with the other. However, if my department said they would not replace my shield I would shell out the bucks on my own.

    Just my .02

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    I don't care for goggles. I bought a pair once and didn't like them. I have New Yorker which has borks on them. I wear prescription glasses and I haven't found a pair of goggles that I liked and that worked with my glasses. As for a face shield down with SCBA aren't you afraid your face shield will melt to the face piece.
    We recently purchased some 1010's and they had Borks on them.

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    In my opinion, the only thing the shield is good for is a temp. gauge. I would pull my shield down so I could just see the bottom of it, if it started to melt, it was time to go (or too late, should have been gone). Now that there are temp. gauges w/ the PASS, don't need the shield.

    Goggles give you complete eye protection. The shield is only a secondary device.

    The shield over goggles? Sure it adds more protection, but after one fire and your shield is "stained", you can't see anything through your shield. Detachable goggles are the way to go.

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    Is your helmet NFPA compliant if you have borks on the helmet and carry goggles in your pocket for overhaul and extrication? if so where can I find the NFPA requirement for eye protection online?

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