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Thread: Turnout Colors?

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    APG1 Guest

    Question Turnout Colors?

    Ok, what color is your turnout gear? I'm going to be volenteering on a F/D this summer, and need to pick up a set of bunker gear. Iv'e been offered a set, dirt cheap, but it's yellow with red trim. Do you have gear like this? Or is yours gold/black?

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    nomad1085 Guest


    Our gear is, well, I guess it is gold with the red or yellow reflective striping. The yellow stuff that I am thinking of is Forestry Firefighting gear, but I may be thinking of something different. Also, our dept provides the gear for us. Check into that before you buy your own!


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    Engine 101 Guest


    Yellow with yellow tape on it

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    FFShooty Guest

    Thumbs up

    I have a set, tan with lime/silver trim, that I'm about to offer on eBay....only used it for a few drills and the FF Combat's made by Lion, 7 oz Nomex Isodri...nice gear. If you or anyone else is interested email me ASAP before I list it there.

    Stay Low.

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    Captain-46 Guest


    Our Dept Gear is PBI Gold with the Lime Yellow and silver triple strip trim.

    Watch Each Other and Stay safe...

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    postal79 Guest


    our dept is gold with green reflective stripes and is also provided by the department, good gear is very expensive they have you guys buying your own?
    and more importantly wich no one has stated we are not in a fashion show rate your gear by the protection it gives you not how cool it looks on you.. all gear looks the same in a hot smoke filled room
    stay safe

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    FFTrainer Guest


    Black with lime yellow tape and lettering.

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    Chuckand Guest


    Black with yellow trim and lettering.

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    FyredUp Guest


    On the job...PBI Gold with yellow and silver twin trim.

    Volly...Black with yellow and silver twin trim.

    Teaching...PBI Gold with yellow trim.


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    Adze Guest


    I'm in two FD's...

    The first:
    LT's and Capt's: PBI Gold with the yellow reflective trim with a strip of silver in the middle of the yellow

    Regulars: PBI Black with the yellow reflective trim with a strip of silver in the middle of the yellow

    The Second:
    PBI Gold with the yellow reflective trim with a strip of silver in the middle of the yellow.

    FD #1 uses Globe gear, #2 uses Cairns

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    cozmosis Guest


    I'm going to be volenteering on a F/D this summer, and need to pick up a set of bunker gear. Iv'e been offered a set, dirt cheap, but it's yellow with red trim. Do you have gear like this? Or is yours gold/black?
    First, I've seen every color under the sun. I don't think there is any type of national standard. There is yellow, black and PBI gold (like 99% of my department has) with red, orange, yellow or lime trim.

    More importantly, why are you buying your own turn-outs? Won't the department you will be running with supply you with gear? Something needs to be changed if a FD requires its members to buy their own gear.


    Visit the E&H Yellow Apparatus Gallery today.

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    Dr. Law Guest


    Turnouts are black as the darkest moonless night, with striping that blazes yellow as the sun at high noon.

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    cfr3504 Guest


    Well I just got new turn out gear. It's Globe PBI gold, with orange/silver tri-stripe, and orange lettering. The old TOG I had was 15 year old Jansville Nomex yellow with orange reflexite. And prior to that I had Black nomex with yellow reflexite(but that was as a junior). Personally I like yellow(or gold) better than black, because it's more visible, even tho the black has refective striping. Also it shows you when you need to clean it. Black gear can hide a lot of cresote, dirt, etc. From what I've been told , over time, leaving stuff such as this on your gear can cause it to break down, especially PBI( for god sake don't leave PBI in the sun). But I guess that TOG color choice is more preference and opinion than anything else! Us poor volunteer depts down here, don't ask our members to supply their own TOG, but a few do, if they do that's fine, cause we're on a shoestring budget anyway. But 'nuff said.

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    FFSThomas Guest


    Get what the rest of your dept wears or what the nearest well respected full-time dept wears. Vol or not they should be buying it for you!
    East coast likes the black or PBI (like FDNY, Chicago, Boston) Out here on the South West, we wear Nomex yellow and PBI (like LAFD, LACoFD, SDFD).
    MOST OF ALL - IS THAT GEAR SAFE? Most paid depts won't reissue gear to guys because of it has been exposed to UV rays, smoke, heat and washed to hell. BE CAREFUL!


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    Globe 7.5oz PBI Gold with lime yellow triple trim.

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    Tindog18 Guest


    Your new department should provide it. That stuff is super expensive and will run you $1200-$1400, so make your selections wisely. Make sure your components are compatable(Short coat and bibs, waist lenght and long coats etc.) And don't look for a good deal look for the best protection. Be safe in your dept.

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    rescuelt4 Guest


    First, if your not real sure about what kind to buy you need talk to somebody who does.
    Research some differnt types on the net.
    Secondly, find out what kind of gear the
    dept. your going to be joining uses. If they
    have tan pbi w/lime scotchlite, you don't want to be the only w/yellow nomex and orange scotchlite, you need to keep the uniformity. Like some of the other guys were
    saying, its expensive. I had to buy mine when I first joined, but that was 8 years ago and have since bought me 2 sets.

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    HR314 Guest


    My department issues out Morning Pride PBI Gold PLUS tails gear tan with triple reflective trim. All the chiefs wear white Morning Pride Nomex Tails gear.

    Will Roberts
    Firefighter II/ EMT-B
    Heucks Retreat Fire Department
    Brookhaven, MS

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    WFDTruck1 Guest


    Black with Lime Yellow Trim with a silver strip and lime yellow lettering. Looks good all the time, I think it also looks more traditional too! And of course, it protects us very well.

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    Daryl Camp Guest


    In Queensland, Australia, we have just been issued with bright yellow overtrousers and coat, with yellow and silver reflective stripes. Our last issue was yellow overtrousers and blue coat with the yellow and silver reflective stripes.

    However, our department supplies all safety and turn out gear, make sure that if you have to buy your own that it meets all current standards for your department.

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    Bob Snyder Guest


    Who cares what color it is??

    All that matters are:

    1. Does it meet NFPA, OSHA & NIOSH standards?

    2. Does it fit?

    3. Can you afford it?

    I've had gear in all kinds of color schemes, and the color has never made any difference in its performance.

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    DFDco18 Guest


    tan w/lime lining. just don't get black w/orange. ive seen those after a few fires, and it looks like pink. ugly as hell

    DFD Company 18
    "The Clubhouse"

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    tlfd600 Guest


    Personally I use PBI made by Globe that was lime/silver tri-stripe. I have found this to be a great set of gear. I personally would avoid black unless it is cold most of the year. I think PBI is the way to go, but if your department doesn't buy the gear it will cost you a fortune. If you buy used, make sure it is in real good condition.

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    ChiefMcD Guest


    Wow. Seems like most of you have never heard of MORNING PRIDE. It is the best gear manufactured. MORNING PRIDE offers the best range of motion and helps to decrease firefighter stress through design. Good luck with your purchase.

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    esvfdfirefighter Guest


    we use the pbi gold with yellow trim. bib pant with the short coats.

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