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    Question Getting Certified in NY

    Can anyone fill me in as to what type of training you need to make fire fighting a career? I am currently a member in a Vollie dept. but I would like to make a career of this. I have looked online and asked people, but they are very slow to return my calls. I already have my basic done and am waiting for the next intermediate class to begin. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    You need to have NYS fire fighting essentials, also thier is a fire accademy in Tompkins county on the other side of Ithica.
    I think its called montour falls. Pretty good reputation for firefighting education and training.

    I hope this helps

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    I am from the great city of Ithaca and can tell you that Montour Falls is a good half hour to 45 minutes away. There are two major academy's in New York> One is Montour, which I have attend some classes at, and the other is in Rockland county down near Westchester. Montour's number is 607-535-7136. They can send you a calender of all the courses being offered for the year. The calender also lists the requirments for firefighter I and II certifications as well as info on what certs you have to have to attend certin classes. If you need anymore info on the subject just e-mail me and I can see what I can get you.

    P.S. they also offer EMT


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    You don't really need any training start taking the tests for diffrent departments.

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    You have to take the Civil Service Tests to be eligble for hiring as a firefighter in NY State. Unless you apply for a federal installation. Its great that you are trying to get a grasp on the fire service with the training you are taking. However, vollie basic firefighting training and career basic training are worlds apart in NY. Most of your technical rescue courses are the same, but your basic, intermediate, and advance will mean nothing when you go to an interview. They will send you to the academy anyhow. Your only option is to enroll in an academy class at Montour Falls. Then some depts. will accept that you already have it, or they may opt to make you take it again due to liability reasons. The only thing I can tell you is you have to call the department of personnel, in every major city and county around you that has career firefighters and ask when the test will be and they usually will tell when you can file. The only other thing I can tell you is become an emt, and advance as a paramedic. That is like gold for many places today.

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    You need to go to area towns, villages, cities and see first if tey are hiring and find out when the next civil service tests are going to be giving or the dead line date to register.

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