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    Red face All Firefighter Nationwide...Special Notice

    Hon. President G.W.Bush Has decided to REMOVE funding of the FIRE Act, which effects EVERY One of Us. It is imperative that we all send letters to him asking him to reconsider this decision. I am asking that you all, your family members,friends and supporters of Firefighters send this letter as Soon as Possible.
    This is a major funding that will benefit all of us nation wide as well as helping local communities in offsetting cost of running fire service. We are this nations First Line of Support in most Emergency situations.

    Thank You
    Mike Kaywork
    Kearny NJ FD
    NJ State FMBA Local 18

    Please go to Link below for a copy of letter which can be mailed by anyone.

    *there are no pop upwindows or advertisements.*
    Letter to President Bush

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    Althea Forhan
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    Would someone who has the "I Wish" poem in their hard drive please send it to Mr.Bush?


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    President Bush's E-mail address is president@whitehouse.gov
    Thought it might come in handy, I have written President Clinton on that before and got a reply via US Mail, so it should work.
    Stay Safe...Jay

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    This is very Important to all reply to it keep it on top of message board...It does apply to EVERY ONE of US

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    Think we've done it!! Check out the home page of Firehouse - "Bush puts back money for FIRE act" - but don't give up writing your congressmen!!

    God is our Fire Chief;
    Jesus is our Incident Commander.

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    Engine 101
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    Thumbs up

    I think we also did it, Watching rhe news and in the little news ticker at the botoom of the screen there was brief exceprt about Bush restoring funding to the F.I.R.E act to the large number of Firefighter's that were writting to him!, Good job all

    Tim Macias
    I will fight fire for Electricity

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