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    ok, I was readin a topic and a comment was made about the people who have junk cars and really expensive warning light, which I agree is stupid, but what if you have a really nice car or truck is it ok then. Cause I have a nice truck and I have a strobe on my dash but I could afford it so I was just curious. ANd I am not gonna take the time to check my speeling so I hope I got it all right lol

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    the way i see it is its your money buy what you want to and to he!! with anyone who doesnt like it

    ...fire fetish???......
    ...damn right!!!!

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    I agree that it is your money buy what you think is going to give you good warning. I also think some people can go overboard. I have seen POV's with more lights on them than our engine and ambulance units combined!! A good question would be, How many lights do you need and when does it become too excessive.

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