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    The funny thing happening here is that when the routines we all are accustomed to are challenged, some people get very jumpy. I have to defend Larry, you don't have to like his ideas, nor use them but the simple truth is he isnt going to tell you what you want to hear. He is going to tell you what works and what is practical from his expierences, take it or leave it and stop sniveling. Take some time to look into his ideas and open your minds..some of it makes sense. I don't agree with all of it euther but Mr. Stevens cares about what he does and I respect him greatly.

    The information presented herein is simply my opinion and does not represent the opinion or view of my employer(s) or any department/agency to which I belong.

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    High Pressure does work in many situations.
    The dept. I belong to utilizes Jim Bean. It works, if you know how and when to use it. Room and contents fire, no problem. fully involved dwellings? could be a problem. Many dept.s have steered away from true high presure. probably because it is a little more technique invoved. I'm still learning, every time I pull that line. car fire? Iwouldn't want to use any thing else. I'm not really good with all that math I read earlier, maybe I should be. all I know is if that fire looks to big for that high pressure line. We will not taking a chance. we will pull 1 3/4"

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