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    Question State chiefs show Syracuse

    Has anybody taken any of the training at the State Chiefs show in Syracuse and if so how would you rate the training. I have heard that the show has grown and has a lot to offer.

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    Im an Explorer in Syracuse Area, and have attended the show for the past two years and it has defiantly grown and is well worth attending. I havent gone through any of the training they offer, but have observed some of it, and it seems well organized and well worth it.

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    I am a member of the State USAR team (NYRRT-1) We do demo's at Chiefs each year. The hands on classes are great, and the speakers are very good. Some of my team fellow team members help instruct some of the classes, one is the fast class. LEt me know if there is any information i can give you. My email is listed below and please stop by and check us out, we should be in demo are 1.


    Jason Geary
    Maplewood FD.
    Town of Colonie, NY
    NYRRT-1 http://go.to/NYRRT-1

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