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    The real problem with the UN is that it is (nominally) a democracy. On top of that, it's a socialist one. This is a good thing, right? WRONG!!!

    Students today don't understand the difference between Democracy and Republic. The US is a republic, the UN (except for the Security Council) is a democracy. Here's where that gets to be a problem.

    100+ little, poor, third world nations, ~75 of which are run by tin-pot dictators. Yet, their vote is equal to those of Australia, England, France, Germany, etc. Now look at things like the recent "industrial development" summits. Guess what? Only 7 countries are considered in this company, including Japan and the US, but not Australia (no knock on Australia, you guys just aren't big enough, yet. You'll get there).

    Now the second problem. Many of the member nations are socialistic. They elect leaders who are socialistic. Among the tenets of Socialism is that 1) government can fix anything (the US, if not certain segments of its politicians or peoples) was founded on the exact OPPOSITE premise. And 2) Those who "have" pay for those who "don't have, but need".

    What's that boil down to? That the big 7 industrials pay 90% of the UN funds, and provide >75% of the UN manpower, to do things that are supported by the majority (remember Democracy?) of the UN members, but are directly OPPOSITE of the beliefs of at least 51% of the US population, about 51% of it's legislatures (nationally) and 100% of its founding tenets, as described in its Constitution.

    So, if you want a day to honor FFs in general, go ahead and try - I wasn't in it for the honor then, and I'm certainly not now that I'm retired. If you want a day to "remember" fallen brothers - go ahead - and I'm right behind you.

    But don't even think about getting the UN involved. They'll do something feel-good, stupid, and pointless. It will cost millions of dollars, and they'll pay 10 times that figure for it. And much of that money will come from US taxpayers pockets, who will never hear about it, because they "tune out" anything the UN does, mostly in disgust.

    BTW, did you know that Mother's Day (do they have it in Australia?) was started by Hallmark Cards? You don't need a government to get this kind of stuff done, especially with the internet.

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    Firebabe... good post, good questions. Sorry, I don't have anything to add.

    I DO have a couple of questions for those "negative comments" that I read here. Have you EVER... even ONE TIME... said: How come THOSE guys get the attention and FIREFIGHTERS GET IGNORED!

    And BE HONEST!

    If you look around the forums pages you can see MANY people commenting on things like:1 Nascar driver dies and they want to make him a hero... 20 firefighters die this year already..., or Police officers get all this recognition and funding and what do we get? How about even in our hometown when we read about a fire or rescue. "You" make a "save",
    and then you see a picture about this "other person" or department getting the credit. Hey, it happens ALL THE TIME! I'll sit and watch the news and say "Where was THAT person, I didn't se THEM do THAT". And if you've NEVER, EVER, said it... congrats... but I'm SURE you've heard it n your station.

    Once again, we are our own worst enemy. How do we "promote" what we do? After all, that's what EDUCATION is about. How do we EDUCATE the public about what we do? PUBLICITY!!! And I'd rather see GOOD publicity about what we do than either BAD or NO publicity!

    No, I DON'T do what I do for "publicity" or a pat on the back, either. BUT, doesn't it FEEL GOOD when someone recognizes YOU for what YOU did?

    Soap box mode = OFF

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    FireKatz ... THANKYOU! You have said so eloquently exactly what I am trying to promote here - a way of educating the public about what firefighters do. I'm not doing this for me but for all my fellow fireys out there. Ie I'm doing it for you and for all the other firefighters out there.

    Please don't argue about the UN - instead please look at the proposal and make constructive comment or take ownership of the idea and run with it in your local areas.



    Lt JJ Edmondson
    Clyde Cardinia Fire Brigade
    Victoria, AUSTRALIA

    I walk where the fire dances

    International Firefighters' Day:

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    Personally, I agree with what was said about the fact that it is US, the brothers and sisters in the service that need to recognize each other for not only those fallen, but concern for those of us still in the trenches fighting the fight. I feel that is already accomplished though. I think we all ache when we read or hear about a fallen firefighter(s) ANYWHERE. We also worry about the rest of us that are doing the job right now. That is evident in the signatures that you will see at the end of MANY posts, in that we tell each other to be safe.
    They say that firefighters/firefighter/EMTs' a lot of times are closer to their "family" at the station than any other family they are with by blood and or marriage. I can honestly say that is true in my case. These are the people that understand my distress when I lose a patient that I felt I should have saved. They are the ones that suffer with me when we start an interior SAR and it quickly turns into a body reovery operation. I cannot go home and speak with my family about it, for more than one reason, one the confidenality regulations, and two, how the hell are they supposed to understand the feeling(s) and emotions involved? I do not expect that from them. My family at the station understands though.
    Regarding the "honest question" of wondering why some people are mentioned and we are not. I feel after almost 13 years of this, that I don't even care if I am recognized by ANYONE (civilian). Once again, they do not understand. THEY are not the ones that are going to go in with me the next time a working structure is called by the first due officer. I get the support I need from inside my local circle, AND the worldwide circle. You people are my family that understands, and everyone else is the people we serve. I understand the desire for Australia to recognize a day for fallen bretheren. I do not feel that it is wrong to desire that. All I am saying is that we should look at what we HAVE, and not what we DON'T have. We have each other. No matter where you go, you are intertwined into a brotherhood that spans generations and seas, and racial and language boundries. We are the luckiest people in the world because of that.

    No offense to anyone is intended in the above comments.

    Your Brother in the Service,

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    Althea Forhan
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    Thumbs down

    Television day?

    I don't like the UN but I don't like NATO even more. That whole trying to blow up my best friend's homeland kinda got on my nerves. Call me irrational.


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