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    Truckie Trash Guest

    Post 24's or 10/14's

    Just wondering if you prefer 24 or 10/14hr shifts?

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    15hoseman Guest


    I work 24/72 and generally like it, though some down sides: day after=worn out, day before=early to bed, leaves one night of four for fun and games. And that one night of four only falls on a fri or saturday 2/7th of the time. My three day weekends: friday morning (wore out) to sunday evening (to bed early). If i want to go out with my buddies on #2, or #4, one of us is either tired or working the next day. If i want to go out with my buddies on #1, well, forget it. Really the only good thing about 24/72 is that you only go in 8 days a month, which makes a 2 hour commute not that bad.

    Now if i had my 'druthers:

    * M T W H F S S
    1 D D O O D D D
    2 O O D D O O O
    3 N N O O N N N
    4 O O N N O O O

    That's right, every other weekend you have off, friday through sunday. One weekend a month you have off thursday night through monday day. Everybody relieves (and is relieved by) everybody. Work days for two weeks, nights for two weeks. Want a week off, take 20 hours.

    Anyway, nobody much listens to me.

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