An industrial park wishes to modify its network against fires and requires ours on the matter opinion. In Mexico a law does not exist on the matter and we want to give ours opinion according to the norms of the NFPA.

Bomba. 2000 gpm - 100 psi
Tuberia principal de 8 "
Ramales de 3 - 6 "
Cisterna de 506 metros cubicos de agua
gabinetes de manguera 1 1/2 por bodega. 3

The industrial park account with 32 warehouses with different degrees from risk, in each warehouse to placed a SIAMESE (double female)adicional to the main SIAMESE at the beginning of the system.

modifications: The administrators of the park wish to eliminate the additional Siameses in the warehouses since they prefer to aprobechar the space for parking of vehicles.

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tank,s for all your help.
Zapopan Jalisco Mexico