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    Dalmatian90 Guest

    Cool Witnessed Acts of Human Stupidity...Or, Here's Your Sign...

    Well tonite I'm leaving Worcester after going to my sister's for dinner. Not late at all, just a bit past 7:00 pm.

    And I'm following a tractor trailer truck that turns off Chandler and heads south on Southbridge (too which anyone from Worcester now knows the inevitable conclusion to his trip...)

    Big sign says, "Low Clearance 12' 9" "

    At the STOPLIGHT there is even a sign that directs traffic headed to I-290 to take a left...

    But, alas, no.

    Looking straight ahead at a bridge 300' away from the stoplight where stopped at, the truck driver takes off on green. You know, the Providence & Worcester Railroad bridge on Southbridge Street -- with the big yellow sign on it "Max. Height 12' 9" "

    I ease just ahead of the intersection, now realizing the driver isn't slowing down thinking, "This is going to be interesting."

    And yes, the trailer was a standard height 13' 6" box trailer. Was.


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    nomad1085 Guest


    I've never actually seen a truck hit a bridge, but I'm sure it would be pretty amusing. It's not like they don't make it obvious of the low height.


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    CollegeBuff Guest



    Yeah Matt, I think I know where that is. Did you stick around at all for the aftermath?

    One interesting story this brings back for me is the winter a city sander truck in my hometown got stuck under a bridge. He'd tipped the dump back to let the sand fall towards the spreader as it approached the end of the load. Then he gets on Route 10. Then he goes under the bridge right before 95.....

    The dump stopped, but not the cab. It kept going until the dump was almpst vertical from the road to the underside of the bridge. And there's the poor sap of a driver, stuck in the cab almost 10 feet off the ground.

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    EMT_Wub Guest


    This one may qualify under Here's your sign or for a Darwin Award. I was called to a single vehicle accident, with the car having been driven down a very steep hill in an attempt at suicide. Pulled up on scene, and the guy was walking around, got up in the rig, refusing immobilization, ALS, or anything. Oh and in police custody. Seems the guy had caught his signigicant other in bed with another guy, and wanted to end it all. Only problem was, he forgot to unbuckle the seatbelt.

    Candidate for Natural Selection

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    sloepoke1 Guest


    Did you stick around to ask the driver how long he/she had been driving for the day, or how long it had been since their last sleep break? As a trucker by trade I know that one can become easily confused if one does not get proper rest. NO I am not defending this driver as this sounds like a stupid mistake but it happens. You must understand how much pressure are on the drivers of today to get the loads to their destinations on time or else. Some companies will not pay for the load as a penalty for being late and with the economy today no one can afford that. Also if a driver is that confused and tired he/she should just pull over and get some rest although some don't and the rest of us drivers have to put up with the reputation this gives the whole industry. Like I said earlier I am not defending this driver, if he/she was driving illegally then they should be cited and shut down until they get the required rest to operate their truck safely and legally.

    Sorry got on my high horse but I am really big on trucker safety as I am a trucker by trade and don't want anyone to get hurt or worse because of some stupid a*&hole that can't do his/her job legally.

    Now for my, most recent, stupid story.
    We were dispatched to a mva that had power lines down at 12 midnight. Upon arrival we found that the county police officer had parked his vehicle within 5 feet of the downed lines and was walking around and over them, not knowing if they were still hot or not.They was but that is only part one. We had a unit to go through the field to get around the power lines and pull across both lanes of traffic and another to do the same on the other side of the scene to wait for the electric company to arrive and do their thing. While waiting we was standing next to another officers car talking when a car went off the road into someone's yard around the truck blocking the road so he could go on home. He stopped after running over the electric lines and shorting out the cars computer. Not only did he have to completely replace the computer system in the car but the officer cited him for disregarding an emergency vehicle, no tail lights, missing one headlight, and no seat belt. Oh yeah while he was waiting for a tow we just had to make him a sign and gave it to him.

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    Eng522ine Guest


    I can think quite a few stories about people that are still alive today because of "dumb luck." Here's 2 of the one's that I found pretty funny.

    1) Midday on a Saturday and we get banged out for a confirmed working vehicle fire on one of the state highways that we cover. Upon our arrival we found a minivan packed to the gills with junk, complete with U-haul trailer (similarly packed), parked nicely in the entrance to a gas station fully involved. Needless to say, this alone would qualify the driver for a "Darwin Award," but to really put the icing on the cake, he stopped a mere 25 feet from the tanker pumping fuel into the stations fuel tanks. After we knocked the fire down, the chief asked the driver why in the hell he pulled into a gas station with his van on fire. The driver responded with "Well, where else was I gonna find a phone?"

    2) Two weeks after the previous driver received his nomination to the Jackass Hall of Fame, we meet another fool with a vehicle he thought would look better if it was a tad crispier around the edges. This fine citizen was returning home to New York City from a weekend in Pennsylvania with his wife and children. They decided to stop and have a roadside BBQ on a charcoal grill they had just bought. After they had their meal, they dumped the coals (God only knows where THEY ended up) and threw the grill back into the box and in the trunk. Yep, you know what's coming! About 15 miles down the highway Mr. Perceptive decided to pull over and find out why everyone was beeping and waving at him as they passed him. The funniest part is even after we put out the fire, he couldn't understand how the fire started. Here's your sign.

    Be safe all.

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    dvfd48r6 Guest


    5:00 am on a icy morning the tones come through for a MVA-rollover. We arrive on scene to find a male who signed off on transport. While helping to roll the Chevy blazer back on it wheels I noticed his tires were worn down to slicks. I pointed them out to the owner and he replied "Oh, it's ok I have four wheel drive"

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    Eng522ine Guest


    DVFD... might I make a suggestion for the cause of the accident? How about "loose nut between steering wheel and driver's seat"???

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    dvfd48r6 Guest


    I've been told that was the diagnosis when the truck I operate was sent in for service. On a side note we had a second truck roll in almost the same spot who was "Only going 50" in his chevy one ton around a sharp slick corner. What was that forum about haunted calls?

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    kvfdlife Guest


    1. Female set car on fire checking gas tank with match because gas gauge did not work.
    2. Female set car on fire trying to go up hill on ice and snow (kept spinning tires till they ignited)
    3. Female tried to commit suicide in gas oven, forgot to blow out pilot light and set hair on fire.

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    RJE Guest


    This is old, but....

    Way back when I was in the navy, had a guy that didn't like his computer being on his desk, so he stood it up underneath, like the (then) new towers. And crashed the (then) 20Mb hard drive that cost $600+ to replace (hey, this was in 1989, right!).

    So we (I worked info services att) got him a new hard drive and tower case and reloaded everything. Now it "goes black" every few minutes. He's kicking the power cord out the back! After a month or so we had pity and told him what he was doing.

    Next day they're calling out the flying squad for class "C" fire in his office. I'm on the squad, so... I get there and his computer is now MOUNTED to the wall. With a 6" BOLT! Through the CENTER of the case. Yep, the "arcing and sparking" call was for when the bolt shorted out the motherboard when he turned it on, and melted the whole thing.

    And the real kicker? This guy was the ship's ENGINEER!?!

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    J.E.Beall Guest

    Red face

    Come on fellas, we've all run atleast a dozen "fire place ashes" in the plastic bucket on the back porch or better yet in the garage.......

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    Dalmatian90 Guest


    In the garage? In a plastic bucket?

    Try in a cardboard box, in the basement!

    Fortunately for the homeowner, they had a CO alarm that sounded before the slowly smouldering box ignited!

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    RJE Guest



    In a paper grocery sack, outside, but AGAINST the unpainted cedar shingles. Only it gets better.

    The bag DID catch, and the shingles did, too. About 4-5 w/charred edges.

    And the really embarrassing part? My step-mom. Who's husband was the station captain (at the time) for the first due engine!

    She didn't call 911, though. Put it out with the garden hose. Interesting conversation when HE got home, though!

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    Jim M. Guest


    In a plastic bucket.....
    On the cement floor in the finshed playroom next to the overstuffed chair.....
    pick up the flaming bucket dripping molten plastic and flaming ashes, inhaling poisonous fumes, not calling for help until you start coughing up blood....

    Yeah, we've seen that. And the homeowner was very ****ed when we took the time to put on SCBA's before opening the windows and starting PPV fan.

    [This message has been edited by Jim M. (edited 04-06-2001).]

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    FF_ONG Guest


    Heres one that may interest all of you...a vehicle is traveling with two people down a freeway...nothing unusual about that. well the driver, who has a history of respitory distress and the usual good stuff that go along with that had a case of the hicups. well, being the smart fellow he was, decided that he could hold his breath to make them go away...i know i know, im thinking the same thing (why???), well, he apparently blacks out, for some reason, unknown to me and most other sane people, the passenger didnt realize, or didnt do anyhting about it and alas, we have a nice pile up on a major freeway...geeess...can it get more bizarre?

    Play nice, Stay safe.

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    Eng522ine Guest


    FF_ONG... give it time... the general public has never show us that they can learn from the mistakes of others before, why should they start now??

    Besides, if everybody always did things that made sense, we'd be a bunch of very bored individuals.

    Be safe.

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    FF's SignfOthr Guest


    How about trying to ride an ice floe on "ice-out" day in Wisconsin (30-50 mile an hour winds on Sat, Apr 7)

    Two brothers decide to be the first on the lake with the piers and boat lifts in at their cottage. One in chest waders, the other wearing only a 3/4 wet suit. After standing in icy water for 90 minutes already, the one in the suit decides to dive in and swim out to a moving ice floe in gusty winds. By the time he reaches the ice he's already struggling. When he climbs on the ice to rest it just keeps breaking out from under him. The broken edges are cutting into his arms and legs, hypothermia is setting in, and he's now trapped in a hole in the ice and drifting farther away. There are no boats on the lake yet (had to be the first ones didn't they?!) and everyone on shore is in a panic because they know they will never survive a rescue attempt without a wet suit. (and still, no one has called 911 !!)

    By now people at resorts around the lake have their binoculars out watching "that crazy guy on the ice". They didn't call either since they weren't sure what was happening.

    He pulled this stunt in front of his 3 small children who were all watching from shore. I think that's the only thing that kept him going. He finally broke out of the ice and struggled through white caps, going under several times, before he could touch bottom again. Once he was close enough they pulled him in and carried him to a hot shower. They say he was in for 30 minutes (plus the 90 before that). He actually looks like he was in a car accident - black and blue and bloody all over.

    He says he won't try that again.
    (DUHHH! - Here's your sign!)

    [This message has been edited by FF's SignfOthr (edited 04-10-2001).]

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    canman Guest


    How about the ahole that was cleaning engine parts with gasoline next to a kerosene heater in a backroom behind the kitchen. Yep you guessed it goodbye backroom and kitchen. Hello happy insurance claims adjuster.

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    dvfd48r6 Guest


    All of us new Englanders are experiencing the flooding this spring. Well we get a call for a car in the water with the driver trapped inside. It was a mail carrier who attempted to cross a 100' long 3' deep water flow in her crown vic. After some quick drainage work and a few good yanks by a tow truck we had the car out. She had apparently used the "If I go fast" logic

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    Captain Gonzo Guest


    Here in Massachusetts we recently had a State Representative who had to be rescued by her friendly local FD when she attempted to drive through an area that was flooded.

    Apparently, she believed that the reflective orange barrels with the flashing lights and the "road closed due to flooding" sign did not apply to her, after all, she is an elected Representative of the Commonwealth, and lawmakers are supposed to be able to drive on or walk on water!

    Firefighters: rising to accept the challenge!
    Captain Gonzo

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    Captain Gonzo Guest


    Another nomination for the Stupid Human Awards...

    A few years ago we were dispatched with the Rescue to a reported MVA with wires down. The driver of a Camaro that was stolen from a new car dealership lost control on a wet road surface and hit a telephone pole, snapping the pole in half and causing 13.8Kv wires to come down across the road. The driver had fled the scene, so as the officer on the truck I cancelled Rescue 1's response. There was a fire in a transformer that had cracked open, so we extinguished it with a couple of dry chem extinguishers.

    We were standing by awaiting the arrival of Mass Electric. The Police had both ends of the road blocked off to deny access. One of the Police Officers left his cruiser (which was parked sideways across the road with all his emergency lights activated) to stroll into the woods to answer "the call of nature".

    My crew and I watched this car weaving down the street, drive right around the cruiser and come to a stop just a few feet away from the downed 13.8 Kv lines. We went over the rig's PA system telling him to stay in the car, but this guy stumbles out of the car, walks around the wires and comes up to the truck. He was quite intoxicated, and came out of the car with a bottle of Jack Daniels in his hand.

    "Can you move thith truck?...ith's in my way, and I'm late for a bachelor party! Can I get to so and so thtreet from here?"

    I replied well, I can't move the truck, but I'm sure that that police officer there can order me to!" The guy actually walked up to the cop with the bottle of JD in hand and asked him to order us to move the truck!

    He got to wear a pair of silver bracelets that night!

    Firefighters: rising to accept the challenge!
    Captain Gonzo

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    jmk271 Guest


    Ok....I have two for all of you...First, a department I served some time ago, we had an aerial that, in order to load the hose, the ladder had to be raised. After the hose was loaded, the engineer proceeded to back into the station.....with the ladder still up. After hitting the building and making a HUGE racket, he went forward only to get the aerial hung up in some high voltage power lines, knocking out power to City Hall. It gets better. The engineer then attempted to exit the truck after this had all happened. We managed to get him to stay put in the truck until the power company arrived. 3 hours later, he went home. Second.....4 am apartment fire on a very chilly January morning. Turns out the man who lived there was an old war veteran who was having trouble keeping warm. So he used his Army helmet to keep pouring gasoline in it and lighting it on fire. He's okay physically, but he no longer lives there anymore. Here's your sign!!!

    ***Stay safe out there***
    ***These opinion(s) are my own, and not that of the department in which I serve***

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    engine1321 Guest


    Okay, here's my story...

    I responded to an MVA, tree vs. conversion van. My squad was first on scene. Lo and behold, there was the victim, a 21 year old male, on the ground. He told me there were 2 others in the van with him.

    My search stopped 10 feet away when I found 2 half naked girls sitting on lawn furniture.

    It was Prom night, and he was obviously doing something that was taking his eye off the road, and more like on the tree.

    On the way to the hospital, I asked him what 2 HALF-NAKED, TEENAGE girls were doing in his van. He didn't say anything, other than, "what would you be doing?"

    As I tell new Explorers, "while on the big yellow truck you will meet lots of dumb, or dead, people who were doing other things when they should have been watching where their car, or van in this case, was going."

    This is one of the dumbest calls I have ever been on, other than the 17 year old with burns to his hands and face on the 4th of July.....

    Chief R.J. Stine
    XFD Explorer Post #29
    The Yellow Knights

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    Badge174 Guest


    Ok My Turn

    It seems two teenaged boys decided that since Pennsylvania laws prohibit the purchase of firecrackers, especially the cherry bomb and M80 types, they would make their own.

    Being both “intelligent?” and “resourceful?” they decided to use some household items to make the device so out comes a toilet paper tube and some good old black powder. As the story goes they decided to try out the new firecracker somewhere other than their house. The logic was that if it made a GREAT BIG BANG the police would find out too quickly who was responsible.

    So off we go in Daddy’s car to the country.
    They figured the quickest “get away” would be accomplished if they would light the fuse and throw the device out the window and since it was November and cold the window needed to be down only half way. Up you guessed it, the device hit the glass and fell back into the car onto the floor. Mr. Passenger was able to pick it up and get it out the window before the GREAT BIG BANG, but did not have time to release it. You know the damage that happened there, it also knocked out the side and rear widows and caused some temporary loss of hearing. So as the now victims were receiving treatment they mentioned something about “It was a good thing that the first firecracker did roll completely under the seat or it could have caused the second firecracker to go off too”

    Needless to say the local US Army Ordnance Detachment (The Bomb Squad) came to retrieve the second one.
    Yes it seems that 2 boys, who afraid that the local police would investigate the GREAT BIG BANG, not only talked to the PA State Police they also got to talk FBI agents and BATF agents. And then there were explanations for Daddy too.

    Badge 174

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