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    Question searching for statistics

    I am searching for information on fire related deaths in children who could have been saved by their parents but weren't because the parents were saving themselves.

    Someone made a statement that at least twice a month there are fires where the children could have been saved by their parents, but weren't because the parents feared the fire.

    Any help would be appreciate.

    Thanks in advance

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    I don't know of any place to get those statistics, sorry. I would think that it would be difficult to be able to definitivly show that a child could have been saved by the parents in most cases however. Good luck finding what you are after.

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    I have no idea where you could get those statistics either, but can relate a story to you from personal experience. Some years back we rolled up to a working fire in a six family tenement..heavy fire blowing out the windows on the right side. A woman was in the window to the left screaming..we went to get her, and she tried to hand us her dog through the window!! While her two children were behind her screaming for help. Sheesh!

    Well, as you may guess ...the dog died, but the kids didn't.

    I can't ever remember being angrier at another human being than I was at that woman.

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