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    Post Question.....Fire station sleeping quarters...

    Need help finding anything that can help me with a problem. I work at a municipal fire department. We have just gone to 5 man engine companies and 4 man truck companies. The problems is that the station is only big enought for 1 company. We have 8-10 inches between the beds and every one has to switch sheets in the morning. Our station is the only one that has this problem. We have the oldest station in town. We asked the chief if any plans to help us with the problem........no answer. We have tried to find anything with a specific minimum space required to have for firefighters. We have just come out of the flu and cold season and our station has the highest sick leave due to the sharing of the bed and the sleeping so close at night. Any help would be greatly helpful

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    Bunk beds.

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    Lt Luke
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    you are fortunate in that your manning is up to 5/4 many of us will never see that in our Careers!
    Have you checked with the local public health officer or health department? (the job title may change depending on the region)

    They may have requirements that apply to other forms of public housing, how embarassing would it be if your dorm doesn't meet the standard of a Jail !

    Perhaps a temporary quick fix would be installing dividers like you see in an office,then push the bunks up against each side, It will give you a bit more room.
    please send a post to tell us how this was resolved,

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    Brian Dunlap
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    Thumbs up

    Yeah...I have to agree Bunk-Beds are the way to go in this situation...I served with another company a few years back that had sleep-in duty crews and our bunk-room space was also limited...As far as linens I would see that they get changed after each crew..This was policy at my other department..No Bedding left behind or it got tossed...I hope you get your situation solved shortly --- Good Luck

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    Ross Johnson
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    Fire Capt 41,
    I would agree with the bunk bed suggestion and the housing and health codes. I would also suggest that you look at your towns very own fire codes. I have to believe you would be able to find something in there addressing the issue of 9 people sleeping a foot away from each other. I know in ourjurisdiction there are laws addressing issues of sleeping quaters and overcrowded rooms. Good luck

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    Have you tried looking through NFPA and OSHA regulations? I believe there are some standards under building codes that have some minimum requirments.

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    Cap...you may also want to check with OSHA. We ran into the same problem up here, and I believe they require a minimum cubic feet of air space for each person. If you are an OSHA state..it's federal law.
    Good luck...sure wish I had four guys riding Engine 2 with me

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    Where was your union when the I & I bargaining for this kind of even happened?? The Union should have argued that this was an unfair imposition on employees!! They could also have brought up the OSHA rules & regs!!

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    Chief Taylor
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    There is a book availible for free from one of the FEMA or NFA sites I got about a year ago.It was called something like (DESIGN & SAFETY CONSIDERATIONS FOR FIRE AND EMS STATIONS).

    It addressed this situation and the requirments for it. That will probably be your best bet.

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    I remembered seeing this in an NFPA Infectious Disease Standard, I think it is 1581 - 3-3.1*
    Any way it states the following: "A minimum of 60ft sq. (5.57m sq.) of floor space per bed shall be provided in sleeping areas. " So even if the beds are bunked, it still counts as two beds, not one.
    All the information is available to have this corrected, just a matter of finding the right person(s) to listen. Your union should be able to push this on through, if not contact your city/county or even state health department as this is a health issue. Good luck.

    Forgot to mention, until this situation can be resolved, I would certainly recommend sleeping the military way - head to foot. As cramped as you all are, it probably will not make much if any difference, but who knows.
    If you write it... They will see it!

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    I think that everyone is pretty much on the same page here. Until more space is provided, bunk beds are going to be the answer. Along with nfpa and osha you may check life safety code. I am sure between all the available resources there are, you will be able to find enough to convince the chief ( maybe through the fire marshall's office). On the other note, you are very fortunate to be so staffed. We are running 3/3 sometimes less. More room than we know what to do with. Well we know what to do with it, But the Council just isnt ready to hire anymore. Such is the life of a firefighter. Although i wouldn't trade it for anything in the world.

    Can you believe we actually get paid for this ****.

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