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    Question Fire safety house

    Any departments out there using a mobile fire safety house? I would like to hear your dislikes and likes on the house that you currently use and if there is anything that you would change. Also do you feel that they are worth the price as an educational tool or are they a luxury item.

    thanks for your comments.

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    We have one and I believe that it is a great educational tool. We use it mainly for our 1st grade education program. The thing that I like about it is that it you can shopw the kids exactly how smoke statification works and why they should crawl low in a fire.

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    Our county purchased one a couple of years ago. It is used by all 13 volunteer stations. I, personally, think it is awesome. The guys at our station love working and teaching with it (off the record, I think they really just enjoyed going in and playing in the smoke before the kids came ).

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    Our township has one. It as AWESOME! I don't remember which manufacturer made it, but I can check if you'd like. It is a trailer, complete with a "monitoring station" and CCTV/VCR capability.
    You go in the "back door" into the kitchen area. We give the folks a demo in there on kitchen fire safety. From there they go into the "living room". There is a "fireplace" for fireplace safety, a telephone to practice calling "911". You go "upstairs" to the "bedroom". This has a heated door to practice feeling the door with the back of your hand.
    There is an onboard smoke generator that can send the smoke into "any" room or rooms. There are smoke detectors to demonstrate what happens when you hear one, and there is a "secondary exit" out the bedroom window.
    We've had this at Fire Expo's, Open Houses, Community Fairs and Events, and taken it to local schools.
    This is a VERY popular exhibit. The kids that have gone through it often bring their parents back.
    As far as the "luxury item"... it CAN save a life BEFORE the need to call the BRT's.

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    The Minnesota State Fire Cheifs Association has a fire house that departments in MN can use for a nominal cost. We have used one from the LaCrosse, WI Fire Department (we are in MN but-20 miles to LaCrosse vs 150 to St. Paul)during our city's summer celebration and it was very well recieved. I think it was very good not only for the children but for many of the adults who went through it.

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    We purchased one a few years ago and it is a fantastic tool to teach fire safety not only to kids but to adults also. We have had minor problems with the smoke generator leaking and other misc items. I wish it was on a chasis itself other than on a trailer. It would be easier to move around.

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