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    Unhappy Appropriate Postings

    When I started to using this forum, I thought this is great, and still feel that way today.

    As I read all the various posts I started to send an ugly trend of inappropriate postings.

    And eventually, I too started this to a degree. After an attack to my dept I realized that this type of behavior is unnecessary and unproductive.

    This forum is a tool that we can use to see, read and hear what the services all over the world are doing and how we can help each other.

    This forum is read by people from all walks of life, emergency services, civilians and so on. It is also read by our future emergency services leaders, the Juniors or Explorer members. I feel that OUR prior behavior is in poor taste and is setting a bad example for our future leaders.

    I apoligize for my actions and will no longer submit a post that degrades any person or dept in any manner. I ask that we all try to adhere to this and ONLY post in the sincere interest of helping our brothers/ sisters.


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    What more could be said? Amen, bro. Peace.

    Newtown Fire Association
    Station 45

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    Amen. You said it best so I wont ruin it by adding anything.

    Shawn M. Cecula
    Lewiston Fire Co. No. 2

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    Great Idea, but unfortunatly there are some who will never see it this way! But to the rest of you, if I ever upset any of you, sorry no harm meant, I just get a little carried away when I get on my soap box! Stay Safe everybody!

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    Hey Squirrel, that you. Big Daddy here. Peace be with you.

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    D.C. Kron
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    I totally agree with you. It's a shame that the only way some feel they can reinforce their point is by running down other departments.

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    One word:

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    With the help of the WebTeam, anything is possible, but please keep in mind that a spirited debate is not inappropriate or an attack on someone. Name-calling, obscene language or inappropriate references to race, color, religion, gender, etc. should never be allowed, but we are the land of free speech and hopefully, the moderators will be able to discern the differences and allow the forums to run.
    Res7cue; I take it that something happened that caused you to reflect? Just remember; everyone has a right to defend themselves.. If you were the target of a personal attack in these forums, you had the right to defend yourself.
    I prefer kinder/gentler also and some humor, but there are those who tend to be forum bullies when things aren't swinging their way. They may resort to less than courteous debate. That's when the gloves will come off and it will be street rules.
    You take care and I hope your post changes the tone. There's always hope, right?

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