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    Post Vacation

    I work for a small full time department with seven people per shift.
    1 Assistant Chief
    1 Captain
    5 Firefighter/paramedics
    Our current vacation policy allows only one of for vacation at a time. And only increments of 12 or 24 hours.

    Just wondering how other peoples are.

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    4iron Guest


    I've found in talking to firefighters around the country the last 17 years,the smaller the department=the worst benefits,ie:longer hours,less pay,less sick leave,less vacation time.(Let me clarify this by saying this IS the general trend!)Vacation coverage is alot tougher for small departments.We are allowed 4 people off per shift(100 line firefighters)in the summer and Christmas,and 3 people off/shift during the rest of the year.All summer vacation days must be taken in 24 hours slots.(our shift=24on/48off)Summer vacations must also be taken as 5 day slots,in other words,when we schedule our vacation in summer&Xmas,we MUST take off 5 working days in a row.Which gives us 17 straight days off.These are scheduled by senority "picks" of vacation.And the total #of vacation days range from 6 to 15,depending on length of service.
    Hope this helps.

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    BFD847 Guest


    Thanks for the input.
    I am hoping to get an e-mail address for 4Iron. I think it was you that I seen a reply for positive preassure ventilation. Had some questions for you.

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