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    Cool Missing the Career Forum

    It seems like a lot of "career" topics are being posted in the "firefighters" general forum. If you want to ask a question about pay, benefits, shifts, hours, etc, the Career firefighters forum is there for you. The firefighters forum seems to be the catch-all and issues specific to full-timers get lost in the logjam.

    So, if you really want a response from career firefighters, scroll down the page and find the career forum. Then, you'll get the response you want without your post hitting the third page in less than 24 hours and after only 3 responses.

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    Benson911 makes a good point.. and along the same lines, there was recently a posting in the Volunteer Forum that was obviously from a career member who basically attacked volunteers... closing with a remark about "SCABS." While I understand that this is a problem in some places (I too have been a union member), it was not necessary to attack ALL volunteers when we all know that in some places, there would be NO fire protection were it not for the volunteers.

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