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    S. Cook
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    Post Handhelds and Headsets

    Anyone using handhelds with headset interfaces?

    What brand radio?

    What brand headset?

    How well is it working?

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    All of our engines have a portable for the engineer with a headset. We use motorola HT 1000 radios. The headsets are fire com. The trucks also have fire com systems for all other positions. We also have an outlet on the pump panel where you can plug in any of the headsets from the truck. We like the system a lot and havent had any problems. It is nice for the engineer to be able to work around the truck and still be able to hear everything.

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    We have several radios equipped with headsets. THey're most commonly used by the pump operator.

    They're Kenwood TK-290's with Kenwood heavy-duty headsets, with push-to-talk button on the cord. They seem to work fairly well. You don't have to worry about missing radio traffic to "charge blah blah blah" and "shutdown so-and-so." Only gripe I have is that they work SO well that you can't really hear someone yelling at you. Then again, that might not be a bad thing at all.


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    Motorola with David Clark, works well for us. Good clear communications, as well as some degree of hearing protection.

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    larry cook
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    I work in aviation and have used all different brands of headsets. I like David Clark and Flightcom (Firecom) the best. Please make sure that you get good ear seals and mikes. Do not get push to talk on the headset. get interface with push to talk. If you get intercom in truck get vox. it sure is handy not having to push a button to talk.
    I know that you do not want vox for portables because some nasty language may go out over the frequency.
    I do not if its availble for the fire service but aircraft have available anr headsets at premium prices. These headsets have active noise cancling. when wearing them you have very very little engery noise. They are quite.
    I have a set of siqtronics that I wear with a portable at the airport. I use them around jets and choppers or when mowing or even when several planes are running their engines at the same time. Saves my hearing and I able to communicate with the pilots.
    Also if you are going to use for a long time have a second set of batteries for the radio as the headset gets its power from the radio.
    Hope this helps. Larry

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    We use Motorola MT 2000 and Kenwood TK 280 radios. We have Sigtronic heads ets and they have an interface box for them. They work quite well in our application. For firefighting we use the Savox head strap that attaches inside of your helmet. As long as you don't have too much covering up the microphone (which is top of you head) there are no problems. We've used them for 4-5 years and are satisfied with their operation.

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