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    Exclamation BIGGEST FIRE EVER?

    What would you consider to be the largest urban fire ever? I would think the San Francisco fires in the early 1920's. The biggest fire i've ever seen was a residential fire that burned 23 houses back in 1995.

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    Either the great fire in Chicago or possibly when sherman burned Atlanta in the Civil War. Obiviously I wasn't at either one but from what I've seen and read it got pretty nasty. The worst I have seen however is one we had a few years back in a tire production facility. It burned for over a week.

    When the defecation hits the oscillation I'll be there.

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    Red face

    Here's some ideas...

    -- Dresden, Germany February 13-14th, 1945 which saw the destruction of the city and the death of around 25,000 people. Caused by firebombing.
    -- Tokyo, Japan March 10th, 1945. 135,000 dead, one million homeless, 40% of the city leveled in three hours. Caused by firebombing, including secondary explosives to discourage firefighting efforts.
    (For comparison, the atomic bombing of Hiroshima claimed 80,000 dead and 40,000 serious injuries)

    -- San Francisco, 1906
    (Modern day controversy on the extent of the fire -- there is some belief photos where doctored to make the fire seem bigger than it was, since fire was insured, and earthquakes weren't.)

    -- London, 1666. 3 day long fire destroyed 5/6ths of the city, including 87 churches and 13,000 houses.

    -- Chicago, 1871. Also remember, the same day massive forest fires swept much of Wisconsin and Michigan destroying many small towns and cities.

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    I don't know about the biggest Fire ever but, I believe the others have done a good job covering that one. As for any that I've personaly been to I'd say it would have to be either one of the block parties I've been to in Houtzdale within the past 11 years. They have had several fires over the years. Each time resulting in the loss of several buildings. All the fires we're in a small section of the town. I believe each one was at least 3 alarms or greater. A number of the building had common Attics or cocklofts.

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    Biggest in terms of buildings burned, dollars lost, or manpower needed to control?

    There are lots of ways that a fire can be BIG.

    I think the largest was the Great Peshtigo fire, that occurred in Wisconsin - the same day as the great Chicago Fire.

    Not exactly sure - but I'm Checking - and I'll get back to you.


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    biggest one in my time would have to be the K-Mart Wharehouse back in the 80's in Falls Twp. (Bucks County, PA). 12 sq. mile building lit off by a propane fork lift that ran into some hazmat drums. Could see it for miles before it got dispatched. Peace

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